Treasure hunters destroyed the Kubbeli church built in the 14th century

Source: Anatolian Archaeology

April 22, 2024


The rock-carved Kubbeli church built in the 14th century in Soğanlı Valley, known as the entrance gate of Cappadocia, was destroyed by treasure hunters.

The Soğanlı Valley, where there are nearly 50 rock churches and caves, including Kubbeli church, is located in Yeşilhisar, 65 km from Kayseri province in Turkey.

Soğanlı has been used as a settlement area since the Roman Period. The Romans used the Rock Spaces on the slopes of the valley as cemeteries and the Byzantines used them as churches. Soğanlı became one of the centers of Christianity in Cappadocia from the IV century A.D. and maintained its importance in the VII and VIII centuries.

Thousands of people visit the 8 rock churches decorated with fresco of Jesus Christ and the apostles every year.

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