Fifty Thousand Participate in Procession To Commemorate the Royal Martyrs

Ekaterinburg, June 19, 2010, Interfax

A cross procession from the site where the last Russian emperor's family was murdered to the place where their bodies were destroyed took place in the Sverdlovsk Region on the night of July 17.

Fifty thousand people participated in the procession, reports the press service of the Ekaterinburg Diocese.

The faithful walked twenty kilometers from the Church-on-the-Blood to the monastery [dedicated to the Royal Martyrs] in Ganina Yama.

The procession dedicated to the assassinated Royal Family marked the ninety-second year since their execution. Such processions have taken place regularly since 1992, when a cross was elevated in the Ganina Yama area.

The Church-on-the-Blood was built in 2003 at the site of the destroyed Ipatyev House, where Tsar Nicholas II and his family was murdered.

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