Romanian Patriarchate elaborates on the need to build the Cathedral for the Nation's Salvation in Bucharest

Bucharest, August 4, 2011

Basilica News Agency has published a communication from the press office of the Romanian Patriarchate elaborating on the pressing need to build a large cathedral complex in the Romanian capital. The communication is in response to objections some have expressed concerning what they perceive as too grandiose a project for the country in such an unfavorable economy.

The Patriarchate explains the pressing need for a more spacious patriarchal cathedral than the one currently used, the social and public benefits that the new complex will provide, and the support the project has already recieved from Romanians both inside and outside the country. The new Cathedral is to be called the "Cathedral for the Nation's Salvation".

The communication concludes by saying, "It is more useful and respectable to build with joy a symbol-space of communion, than to passionately defend a spiritual vacuum!"

The full text of the communication can be found at


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