Optional course of elementary Orthodoxy to be introduced in 650 daycare centers of Moscow region

Krasnogorsk, August 25, 2011

Optional classes on elementary Orthodoxy will be introduced in children's day care centers of the Moscow region, the Minister of Education Lidiya Antonova said at a Moscow regional teachers' forum.

"In 2011-2012, we introduce a new course on Orthodox Culture in young children's care system. New resource and reference materials will be released by September 1," Lidiya Antonova said.

The course is now introduced in 430 centers with 27,000 young children enrolled.

The optional course called "Benign World of Orthodox Culture for Young Children" will be introduced in 650 daycare centers of the Moscow region. This course is optional and children will take it only with parents' consent," Andrey Finogenov, head of the regional management department of the Ministry of Education, told Interfax.

Interfax - Religion


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