Home of a Christian pastor in Esfahan was raided by security authorities

February 29, 2012

The pastor of the official Anglican Church of St. Paul in Esfahan, Mr. Hekmat Salimi, has been arrested without explanation and taken to an unkown location, reports the Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News

Based on the report, at 7:00 AM on February 22, 2012, security authorities raided Pastor Salimi's home in Fooladshahr, a town near Esfahan, about 450 kilometers south of Tehran.

The authorities also thoroughly searched the house and seized Pastor Salimi's belongings, including Bibles, theology books, CDs and personal computer. They even confiscated picture frames off the walls.

The lack of information regarding Mr. Salimi's situation has caused anxiety among his family, friends and church members.

No information is available as yet concerning the way he was arrested. However, it appears that this arrest happened as part of the increased pressure on the Iranian Christian community, especially Christian converts. The growing pressures have resulted in similar incidents and arrests in other cities including, Ahwaz, Shiraz, and Tehran.

It seems that one of the reasons why security authorities raided Pastor Salimi's home early in the morning was because they wanted to arrest him before he left his home.

Pastor Hekmat Salimi was also banned from going abroad when he tried to travel to Turkey through the Esfahan airport last autumn. Security officers at the Esfahan airport seized his passport, prevented him from boarding the plane and informed him that he was officially banned from leaving the country. After that incident he was summoned to the intelligence office of Esfahan several times and subjected to interrogations by intelligence officers.

Prior to this incident, he had been arrested on charges of following the Christian faith but was later freed on bail.

Pastor Salimi is a Farsi-speaking pastor of the official Anglican Church of Esfahan in Sangtarashan neighborhood. It is now 30 years since he became a Christian. He is also the author of some books on Christian teaching and theology, as well as Christian poetry.


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