Russian Church Sends $636,000 to Help Greek Church Feed Poor

August 1, 2012

Officials of the Russian Orthodox Church raised 517,628.34 euros ($636,219) and have sent it to the Greek Orthodox Church to support poor and unemployed people. The Greek Church, stepping in where the government has been absent, is feeding scores of thousands of poor Greeks and others during a crushing economic crisis. The money from the Russian Church was collected in an initiative from Patriarch Kirill’s initiative to help Greeks and the Church.

Unemployment in Greece has hit a record of 23.1 percent – and 54.9 percent for those under 25 – with 1.15 million people jobless and hunger growing too. The Orthodox Church of Russia began fundraising campaign in February and is continuing its efforts to provide funds to buy food and help the Greek Church continue its efforts to help the poor.

(Source: Tromaktiko)

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