The full Lorsch Gospel available online

Berlin, June 18, 2013

The world-famous Lorsch Gospel has been entirely released online in the German Monastery of Lorsch (Hessen province) as part of the “Bibliotheca Laureshamensis – digital” project. The parchment, created in the year 810 in the palace school of Charlemagne is considered to be one of the most splendidly produced manuscripts of the early medieval period.

The aim of the “Bibliotheca Laureshamensis – digital” project is to renew the virtual version of the Lorsch Monastery's library; the Monastery itself being an UNESCO World Heritage site.

To this day 330 medieval manuscripts from the library's heritage have survived—they are scattered over 68 libraries in different countries of the world. The codices heritage collection of the Lorsch Abbey provides a unique opportunity to research the intellectual fundamentals of the monastic life and the period of Carolingians. Lorsch was one of the centers where the heritage of antiquity was actively copied and processed.

The new project represents digital reproductions of the library's manuscripts with detailed scientific descriptions.

The Gospel's pages are almost completely inscribed using golden ink. Each of them is adorned with an elaborate frame. Images of the four Evangelists as well as two images of Christ—the Savior with the Patriarchs and the Savior sitting on the throne—are also worthy of note.

The both covers of the Gospels are elaborately designed with ivory carvings containing scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and of Christ.


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