Protest against legalization of same-sex "unions" takes place in Kiev

Kiev, October 23, 2013

Around 150 Ukrainians who profess traditional views on the family and sexual orientation, on Tuesday morning near the walls of the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) demanded to exclude from the Ukraine-EU association draft agreement the clauses, obliging Kiev to legalize homosexual relations, reports Interfax.

"Signing the Ukraine-EU association agreement in its present form means acceptance by the Ukraine of the obligation to follow the European policy of supporting homosexuality. Our demand is to exclude from the Ukraine-EU association agreement the reference to the 2000/78/EU directive which is for the benefit of the sexual minorities' ideology," said one of the organizers of the action, leader of the "Love against homosexuality" organization Ruslan Kukharchuk to the journalists.

The participants of the action have also expressed their view that the Ukrainian authorities do not wish to protect the traditional family values.

"In order to protect the family, it is necessary, at least, to include additional terms into the agreement which exclude implementation in the Ukraine of the directives and regulations of the European law, dealing with the family law and the public ethics and especially concerning sexual orientation. Making a step towards the EU, the Ukraine has a right to demand safeguarding and defense of its basic values. In the agreement there are stipulations from the side of the Ukraine on land ownership, forest use and notarial practice, but there are no reservations regarding protection of family, defense from imposition of homosexuality. Why has this subject been ignored? We want to hear the answer from the Ukrainian government, from the president administration, and the Verkhovna Rada deputies," said a representative of "The Ukrainian parents' committee" Alexander Skvortsov.


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