Patriarch of Serbia: "Dissuade mothers from abortions"

Belgrade, November 27, 2013

Patriarch Irinej of Serbia. Photo: Fr. Ignatius (Shestakov) Patriarch Irinej of Serbia. Photo: Fr. Ignatius (Shestakov)

Patriarch Irinej of Serbia during his visit to the "People's front" obstetrical and gynecological clinic in Belgrade has called upon the medics to dissuade women intending to make abortions from taking this step.

"It cannot be justified, when for the benefit of some kind of a ‘better life’ and ‘standards’ such a sin is committed. There is no greater event than a birth of new life," stressed the Serbian Patriarch.

According to the head of the Church of Serbia, by helping infants to come to this world doctors of this clinic do a great and holy work, while the crying of babes is the best music in the world.

"We are living in an epoch when many values are not taken not in the way that they deserve. One of these values is life. We see how easily we refuse the lives of these little creatures," noted the Serbian Patriarch, stressing that the tough word "abortion" means something human nature rebels against.

Patriarch Irinej has reminded his people that Serbian villages are dying out, there are fewer and fewer children in schools; but the people must not allow themselves to disappear.

The head of the Serbian Church has called all to do all their best, so that cradles in Serbia should outnumber graves and the Serbian people should live and increase in number in their land.


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