May God Give You Wisdom! The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin. Letters to Laypeople. Part 3

He takes our troubles on Himself

Dear O.!

There is Someone who knows about all our troubles. Not one troubled thought of ours slips by Him. He knows that troubles cause suffering. That is why He always wants to help us. He promises to take all our troubles upon Himself. Could we have anything better? He wants to take away everything that weighs upon us. He wants to pave a pathway for us in those regions where we do not see any way out. He wants to change all the conditions that burden us. He wants to send us help.

Therefore, give all your troubles over to Him. Give thanks to Him for taking everything upon Himself and giving you aid in these troubles that are grieving you today. If you do this, your heart will be filled with peace.

Labor where the Lord leads you

Dear in the Lord V.!

Do not rush. Why do you pay so much attention to those around you? You should be looking more into yourself and living according to your conscience. The sick everywhere need treatment—in the Kremlin or in the villages—people are people everywhere. So, labor wherever the Lord leads you.

Pray to the Holy Martyr Tryphon.

May God give you wisdom!

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