Martyr Doulas of Cilicia

The Holy Martyr Doulas was a pious Christian from the city of Praetoriada. At the height of a persecution against Christians under Maximian (305-313) they arrested him and sent him to trial under the Cilicia district governor Maximus. Before the beginning of the trial the saint firmly besought the Lord to grant him the words to denunce idol-worship.

At his interrogation, the holy martyr bravely confessed Christ and forcefully denounced the false religion of the pagans and their gods with their shameful human vices and passions. The governor tried to confute his faith in Christ, but he was not able to resist against the grace-filled words of St Doulas. The governor flew into a rage, tortured him without pity and after interrogation sent him back to prison. At each new interrogation the saint appeared strong in spirit and body, prepared for new torture. At the final interrogation of St Doulas, they broke his lower jaw, they broke his knees, and they bound him to the chariot of the governor and dragged him about. In this way the holy martyr died, having signed himself with the Sign of the Cross.

They untied his body from the chariot and threw it into the river. The current carried the relics of the holy martyr to his native city. Dogs of shepherds discovered the holy body. One of them sat and guarded the body of the saint from birds, and another brought a shepherd’s robe in its teeth and covered up the body of the saint. The shepherds led Christians to the body of St Doulas, who then buried it with reverence.

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