Sisters of Lintula Holy Trinity Convent ask for prayers for missing Mother Elizabeth

Palokki, Heinävesi, Finland, July 14, 2017

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The sisters of Lintula Holy Trinity Convent are asking for prayers for the speedy finding of the missing nun Mother Elizabeth, reports the site of the Finnish Orthodox Church.

Mother Elizabeth was last seen on Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM. A search was organized by the Eastern Finland police department with a great number of volunteers participating. The search lasted all day Wednesday, and continued on Thursday, but has not yielded any results.

Mother Elizabeth has lived in the monastery since 1964—longer than any of the other sisters. She did not suffer from any memory impairment.


Lintula Holy Trinity Convent is a small monastery located in Palokki, Heinävesi, Finland, close to the New Valamo Monastery. The monastery was founded in 1895 on the isthmus of Karelia. The early sisterhood received spiritual advice from the wonderworker St. John of Kronstadt, who visited the monastery twice in 1895-1896. In 1946, the Convent moved to Heinävesi. It is currently under the spiritual guidance of Abbess Mikaela.


FR Christopher7/31/2017 12:51 am
Try focusing on real prayer for Mother Elizabeth. Shameful display of political posturing.
Michael Woerl7/17/2017 4:37 am
Lord have mercy! May Mother Elizabeth be found soon!
M.7/15/2017 10:59 am
S., the Finnish Orthodox Church has exactly the same status that "the Russians" say the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should have. The Finnish Church is autonomous (not autocephalous). The canonical Ukrainian Church is also autonomous (not autocephalous).
Anthony7/15/2017 9:48 am
@S. Greetings of the day! (You wouldn't happen to be the same person, our dear brother ''Roman'', a regular whiner on these pages about Russia's alleged refusal to allow the Ukraine their ''own Church'' would you?) The history of Ukraine and Finland are totally different. Ukraine, like Belarus is Russian. The fact that there are non-Russians (i.e. West ''Ukrainian'' Poles) who had subsequently settled in the western part of Kievan Rus territory, doesn't detract from the fact that Ukraine remains Russian. The sooner Pres. Putin makes good on his promise to retake Kyiv the better.
w.7/15/2017 3:53 am
the Finnish Orthodox Church is autonomous, and is under the Patriarch of Constantinople, not Moscow. Prayers for finding Mother Elizabeth well!
S.7/14/2017 8:42 pm
The "Finnish orthodox church" confuses me. So the Russians admit that Finland was not rightfully Russian territory pre-WW1, but still insist that Ukraine is not a legitimate country worthy of its own Church?
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