Monday, June 30/July 13, 2020. 6th Week after Pentecost.
No fast.

Совершается служба со славословиемSynaxis of the Holy, Glorious, and All-Praised Twelve Apostles: Peter, Andrew, James and John the sons of Zebedee, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Jude the brother of James, Simon the Zealot, and Matthias.

St. Peter, prince of the Tatar Horde, wonderworker of Rostov (1290). Glorification of St. Sophronius, bishop of Irkutsk (1918). St. Andrew, prince of Bogoliubovo (1174). St. Stephen of Omsk (1877).

New Hieromartyrs Nicandor (Prusak), hieromonk of Tolga Monastery (Yaroslavl) (1918) and Theogenes (Kozyrev), archimandrite, of Chimkent (Kazakhstan) (1939).

Icon of the Mother of God of Balikin (1711).

Martyr Basilides the Soldier, at Alexandria (202). St. Martial, bishop of Limoges (3rd c.). St. Erentrude, abbess of Nonnberg Monastery, Salzburg (ca. 718). St. Dinara, queen of Khereti, Georgia (10th c.). St. Gelasius of Rimet (Transylvania) (14th c.). New Martyr Michael Paknanas the Gardener, of Athens (1770). New Hieromartyr Milan Popovic, priest, of Rmanj (1940s). New Martyr Alexander (Schmorell) of Munich (1943). Martyr Peter of Sinope.

Repose of Bishop Nestor (Zass) of the Aleutians and Alaska (1882).