Elder Paisios performed the operation for you this morning!

Source: Orthodox Christian Network

September 17, 2017

Nikolaos Koulouris, Professor of the Law Department of the European University of Cyprus describes the following event.

Photo: acvila30.ro Photo: acvila30.ro
In 2012, Stelios Kreouzos, who’s a journalist with the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and a student of mine at the Law Department of the European University of Cyprus, was diagnosed as having fluid in his lungs and heart. He suffered for a year and a half, undergoing treatment in the hospital for long periods. In the end, his doctor recommended that he undergo an operation to drain the fluid and put an end to his difficulties. The surgeon told the patient that there were considerable dangers involved in the operation. The day before the planned operation, the man went into the hospital. He was understandably anxious about the outcome of the operation. He was visited in the afternoon by a cousin who brought him a book by Elder, now Saint, Paisios the Athonite, which she told him would help settle him. I should say that until then the man had had only a superficial, formal relationship with God and the Orthodox faith, like most Greeks, alas. He started to read the Elder’s book. At some stage he reached the point where, according to his biographer, the Elder asked God ‘to send him a form of cancer in order to test him’, and this made a big impression on the man. But it was the next saying which moved him profoundly: ‘God, every day of my life’s in your hands’.

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