St. Alexander the Bishop at Adrianopolis

Commemorated on October 22

The Martyrs Alexander the Bishop, Heraclius the Soldier, and Women Martyrs Anna, Elizabeth, Theodota and Glyceria at Adrianopolis were killed during the third century at Adrianopolis for their confession of Christ. This century is noted as a time of the spread of Christianity among the pagans. Despite the persecutions against the Christians, Bishop Alexander fearlessly converted and baptized many pagans into the holy saving faith.

The governor of the region where the saint lived, ordered his soldiers to use torture to force Bishop Alexander to deny Christ. The saint patiently endured terrible tortures. Struck by this, the soldier Heraclius believed in Christ, for Whom the saint suffered. And after him, the Women Martyrs Anna, Elizabeth, Theodota and Glyceria confessed themselves to be Christians.

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