Russian Orthodox church vandalized in Mexico (+ VIDEO)

Mexico City, June 5, 2019


On Sunday, May 26, the Church of St. Basil of the Moscow Patriarchate in the suburbs of Mexico City was vandalized, as unknown perpetrators broke the windows, ransacking the church once inside.

Parish rector Fr. Kyrill Chakon commented that such incidents happen frequently, reports

Some time ago, the power lines were cut and stolen, leaving the church without electricity.


“We have citizens of the Russian Federation amongst our parishioners,” Fr. Kyrill noted, “and if the Russian embassy would support us with a letter to the Mexican authorities, it would definitely help improve the situation.”   

In 2014, the Catholic Diocese of Mexico was ready to give an empty church in the heart of the capital to the Moscow Patriarchate. Orthodox services even began there, but due to difficulties that arose with the paperwork, the church was transferred to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.


Fr. Kyrill also began serving the Orthodox community in San Juan del Rio last year, and on May 1 this year, the first Orthodox Liturgy in the history of Cancun was celebrated. Thus, Fr. Kyrill serves three parish communities in Mexico. Fr. Kyrill lives more than 620 miles away from Cancun and plane tickets are expensive, but Fr. Kyrill is ready to partially sacrifice his secular work as a lawyer to visit the faithful in Cancun at every opportunity.

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