Georgian Church calls for clergy, faithful to refrain from aggressive anti-LGBT statements

Tbilisi, June 20, 2019

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The Georgian Patriarchate issued another statement concerning the current LGBT events in Tbilisi today, calling for Christians to show restraint and discernment in how they speak about the hot-button issue.

The short statement reads in full:

Recent events, connected with the so-called LGBT Pride, have tremendously aggravated the situation in the country.

The Patriarchate of Georgia has also recorded its extremely negative attitude towards this.

We understand that the emotional background has intensified, but we consider completely unacceptable and we disassociate ourselves from aggressive statements coming both from clergy and parishioners.

First of all, we call upon the clergy to refrain from unauthorized briefings, uncoordinated public statements, and actions that contradict Christian teaching.

The Church also issued a statement last week calling on the authorities to cancel the first gay pride event in Transcaucasia. The 6-day Tbilisi Pride event began yesterday.

In that statement, the Patriarchate emphasized “that the Church disassociates itself from sin, but not from the repentant sinner, who it comforts with love and helps return to God.”

The Church also spoke then against violence, as it has many times over the years: “We disassociate ourselves from any violence and at the same time we are aware of the great danger the holding of a gay parade may entail, and we call on the authorities not to allow this event, when it is known in advance that it will cause public unrest.”

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