Pravoslavie.Ru launches Greek version

Moscow, September 6, 2019


A new Greek-language edition of Pravoslavie.Ru launched today. Pravoslavie.Ru is the most popular and influential Orthodox website in Russia, currently serving as the website of the ancient Pskov Caves Monastery.

The Greek version thus joins the long-running Serbian version and English version,

Pravoslavie.Ru and its related sites have always taken an interest in all the Local Churches of the Orthodox Church and seek to present the spiritual and theological gems from around the Orthodox world, as well as relevant news from around the Orthodox world.

Today, we are happy to present the Greek edition “Ὀρθοδοξία,” with the following main sections:

  • Ορθοδοξία σήμερα (Orthodoxy Today),
  • Πορεία προς την πίστη (Coming to Faith),
  • Θεολογία, Ορθόδοξη ομολογία (Theology, Confession of Orthodoxy),
  • Εκκλησιαστική considered (Church History),
  • Άγιοι και μορφές της Ορθοδοξίας (Saints and Ascetics of the Church),
  • Προσκυνήματα (Sacred Relics and Icons),
  • Θαύματα Πρόνοια και του Θεού (God’s Providence),
  • Πνευματική ζωή (Spiritual Life),
  • Μοναχισμός (Monasticism),
  • Οικογένεια (Family)
  • Κοινωνία, πολιτισμός, παιδεία (Society, Culture, Education)

As with the Russian, English, and Serbian versions of the site, Ὀρθοδοξία is dedicated to topical issues of the life of the modern Christian. On its pages you can get acquainted with the conversations of spiritual fathers, and hagiographical and historical materials. There will also be analytical articles and news, interesting interviews, videos, photo galleries, sermons, answers from priests, and much more.

Social network pages have also been launched for the new Greek version: •


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