Venerable Anatolie Tihai: Romanian missionary to Japan commemorated at Balti

Source: Basilica News Agency

December 3, 2019


Bishop Antonie of Balti last Thursday officiated a memorial service for Archimandrite Anatolie Tihai at the Nativity of the Lord Church in the city of Balti, Republic of Moldova, marking the 126th anniversary of the repose of this important Romanian Orthodox missionary to Japan.

Venerable Anatolie was born in 1838 in the village Tărăsăuţi in Hotin County (Bukovina). He attended the primary school in Balti. He graduated from the Theological Seminary in Chisinau and the Kiev Theological Academy founded by Saint Peter Mogila.

He lived in Mount Athos for four years, where he received the monastic tonsure in 1865 at Zographou Monastery. There he learned Greek and Bulgarian, as well as Byzantine painting.

He was later sent to assist the Equal-to-the-Apostles Saint Nicholas Kasatkin in his missionary work to Japan, becoming his closest collaborator.

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