Sing Unto the Lord All the Earth

Christmas Carol and Hymns

Christians sing praises to the Lord in all languages, and not only in churches and prayers, but also in their songs, which become especially clear for all to see and hear during the feast of Christ’s Nativity, when all over the baptized world, from snow-covered Europe to green Greece and the waterless deserts of the Arab world. People sing Christmas carols and songs, praising the Infant God and His Most Pure Mother.


We offer this collection of Christmas carols and song, collected from all over the world, in order to represent as broadly as possible this wonderful Christian tradition.

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!



Христос Спаситель в полночь родился / Christ the Savior Was Born at Midnight

Днесь Христос от Девы Чистой / Christ in Born of a Pure Virgin

Эта ночь святая / This Holy Night

Небо и земля / Heaven and Earth

Ночь тиха, ночь свята / Silent Night, Holy Night

Появились над вертепом ангелы / Angels Appeared Over the Manger

О, Вифлеем / O, Bethlehem

В яслях лежит Ребенок / The Child Lay in the Manger

Ночь тиха над Палестиной / Silent Night Over Palestine

Взошла звезда ясная / A Bright Star Has Risen



Добрий вечер тобi / Good Evening, Sir!

Нова радість стала / A New Joy

Ой сивая тай зозуленька / O Sivaya Tai Zozukenka

Триславнiї царi / Three Glorious Kings

Син Божий Народився / The Son of God is Born

Спи, Ісусе, спи / Sleep, Jesus, Sleep

Щедрівка / Shchdrivka

Ой дивне Народження / O Wondrous Birth

Відить Боже / To See God

Що є дивноє Нарождення / What is This Wondrous Birth



Божић, Божић / God, God

Задиви се Jосиф / Zadivi se Joseph

O радосне вести / O Joyful Tidings

Мариjo славна / Glorious Maria

Слава во вишњих Богу / Glory to God in the Highest

Вси jaзици / All Nations

Ликуj днес, Сионе / Exult This Day O Sion

Предвjeчни родисja по љети / The Pre-eternal is Born in Time

Витлиjeме славни граде / Glorious City Bethlehem

Шедше триje цари / Three Kings Travelled

Три су тице с неба долећеле / Tri Su Tice s Neba Dolecele

Божић иде уз улицу / Bozhe ide iz ulicu

Oj, бадњаче, бадњаче / Oi, Badnjace, Badnjace

Jeгда приде конец вeка / When Comes the End of Time



Sfanta Maica a lui Iisus

Colind pentru detinuti

O ce veste minunata

Noi umblam si colindam

Mos Craciun

Florile Dalbe

Colo sus in vremea aceea

Buna sara lui Craciun

Noi in seara de ajun

Judele Domnului


Καλαντα Ηπειρου

Kάλαντα Κωτυώρων Πόντου

Χριστουγεννιατικα καλαντα

Καλήν εσπέραν

Άγια Νύχτα

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apples1/11/2015 4:55 am
Why can't we see pictures of the monastic nuns? They are always hidden away... Mother Gavrilia and Tarso were among some recent illumined monastic women saints. Wish we could give some attention to them -- they make great role models for Orthodox women & men!
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