Are There Virtuous Lay People in the Contemporary World?

Source: Pemptousia

September 9, 2017

Met. Athanasios of Limassol explains how we can know that there are still holy people living in the world, not only in monasteries.

Nathan Pena11/2/2021 6:37 pm
It is true that the Church isn't limited to a geographical location, meaning the monastery. But the Church is limited to where the commandments of Christ are put into practice. Being in the world typically leads to having a secular mindset and view of things which lead to not obeying the commandments of Christ. There is no way around it, to become saintly is to suffer and struggle against the world and sin. This struggle typically doesn't take place in the world as a matter of fact not as a matter of necessity. Same with a monastery, as a matter of fact the monastics by and large follow and put into practice the commandments of Christ, though it isn't a matter of necessity. One could be a monk and not put into practice the commandments of Christ, but that typically doesn't happen. I think the emphasis should be on following the commandments of Christ since people in the world might see this and think 'oh see I can be holy and live in the world living this worldly lifestyle of excess and pleasure, that monk said so.' But he didn't say that, he just said being in the world you can still become saintly. But he did leave out the part about how they became holy. If we were to dig deeper, I'm sure we would find that those saintly people live their life in a way that would be considered fanatical and extreme and dangerous by like 98% of the laity in the world.
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