Russian deputy calls for street named for bishop killer to revert to older Christian name

Tyumen, Russia, January 18, 2018

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Deputy of the Tyumen city Duma Igor Raksha has proposed renaming Khokhryakova Street in the regional center, given that one of the “accomplishments” of the revolutionary sailor Pavel Khokhyrakov was the organizing of the murder of Bishop Germogen (Dolganov) of Tobolsk and Siberia in 1918. Before the communist era the street was named Dormition, in honor of the Most Holy Theotokos, reports

Bishop Germogen was ranked among the New Martyrs of Russia in 2000.

In his address to the Tyumen administration head Alexander Moore, Raksha called for a restoration of the historical Christian name of the street. During the process of renaming, he proposed placing duplicate street signs with the historical name and a description of the tragic events.

The deputy recalled that the revolutionary Pavel Khokhryakov, in whose honor the street at the very center of Tyumen was renamed, “accompanied Tsar Nicholas II to the place of execution, spearheaded the ‘Tobolsk Punitive Exhibition,’ took clergy hostage, and after receiving the ransom he drowned them in the river.” Among the victims was St. Germogen.

The city deputy also referred to the recent opening of the “Russia—My Story” museum where “the people and officials saw for themselves the atrocities perpetrated by the Bolsheviks.” He is confident, he added, that the people can thus “help restore historical justice.”

Raksha further explained that the street should be renamed for the sake of the upcoming generation: “The ‘Russia—My Story’ museum exits onto this street. 3,000 children pass by it every day. Your hair stands on end in this museum when you learn that everything they taught us in school was a lie. Children hear about Khokhryakov, who killed Bishop Germogen, then they go out onto the street named for Khokhryakov, and they think you can kidnap clergy, demand ransom for them, kill them, and be a hero. Where will such a child end up? In prison. Is it not cheaper to change the street signs?”

St. Gergmogen is also celebrated among the Fathers of the 1917-1918 Russian Local Council, which is commemorated on November 5/18.

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