Jihadists threaten Patriarch Kirill and President Putin in new propaganda posters

Moscow, February 26, 2018

Photo: orthodoxia.info Photo: orthodoxia.info

New propaganda posters from the jihadi organization ISIS are taking aim at His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and President Vladimir Putin of Russia in particular, as well as America and London, reports orthodoxia.info with reference to the SITE Intelligence Group.

The new poster against the Russian spiritual and political leaders shows the pair in crosshairs, with the words “BREAK THE CROSS” in English and “soon, very soon” in both Arabic and Russian.

The poster has been released on the eve of the March 18th Russian presidential election, and just after ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting deaths of five Orthodox women just outside their church in Dagestan last Sunday. The Islamic State has also recently threatened to launch attacks against Russia due to the Kremlin’s support for Assad’s forces in Syria, as it has suffered massive blows in Syrian and Iraqi battlefields recently.

Photo: orthodoxia.info Photo: orthodoxia.info

Another poster being circulated among extremists shows an armed jihadist in front of an image of Big Ben and the British House of Parliament in London. According to SITE Intelligence, another poster calls for militants to “burn America.”

A previous image of Big Ben was revealed in November, showing the famous clock tower burning with a large crack across its side and an ISIS flag flying atop it, reports The Daily Mail. The message read, “We will destroy your country, as you destroyed our country.”

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Kenny5/8/2018 4:50 am
Laskarina: Conspiracy theories like this absolutely ridiculous.
Laskarina2/28/2018 4:56 am
Those who are awake know that SITE is run by Israeli Intelligence. Rita Katz (descended form Iraqi Jews) has already put out bogus "ISIS" threats and videos filmed in Tel Aviv, fake Bin Laden ones included. It behooves them to create hatred and fear and have gentiles murder each other.
Adelia Hitt2/27/2018 5:01 am
The women at Dagestan had forgiven and been forgiven. They went on to their heavenly reward. The followers of Isis who are making such threats are going to a destination far worse.
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