Image of St. Nicholas appears on church wall in Ukrainian village

Zapovitne, Ukraine, June 28, 2018

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St. Nicholas is one of the most beloved saints throughout the Orthodox world. In many places in traditional Orthodox countries, it is not uncommon for every family and every parish to have their own story about a miraculous appearance or miraculous help from St. Nicholas.

The latest such story has been reported from the Church of St. Elias the Prophet in the village of Zapovitne, Ukraine, in the territory of the southeastern Zaporizhia Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, where an image of St. Nicholas miraculously appeared on the wall.

There have been several such miraculous appearances reported in the last few years.

The image was found on the eve of the day of All Saints Who Have Shone Forth in Zaporizhia by the rector and some church workers on an interior wall of the church, directly under an icon of the beloved St. Nicholas.

It is particularly noteworthy that the image on the icon and the image on the wall are different: On the wall the holy hierarch is shown inclined at a certain angle, and there are visible differences in appearance. There is also a difference in the location of the Gospel and the saint’s blessing hand.

Silhouettes of the Savior and the Theotokos are also visible on the wall.

Such miraculous appearances have not been rare in Russia and Ukraine in recent years. Images of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael appeared on the walls of the Chapel of St. Nicholas in Omsk, Russia in 2015, an image of the Mother of God appeared in a church in Kamensk, Ukraine in early February, 2017, images of Sts. Peter and Paul appeared in a Melitopol church, also in the Zaporizhia Diocese, in March 2017, and an image of St. Matrona of Moscow appeared in a church in Zelenodolsk, Russia in May 2017.

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