The Parable of The Ten Hryven

A ten Hryven note, with a depiction of the Kiev-Caves Lavra. Photo: Wikepedia. A ten Hryven note, with a depiction of the Kiev-Caves Lavra. Photo: Wikepedia.

Once a priest arrived in a small city to serve in a local church.

A few days later, he went from his house to the city center on a bus. Having already paid the bus driver and disembarked, he found that the driver had given him an extra ten hryven[1] over the cost of the ride.

A struggle began in his mind. One part of him said, “Return the ten hryven, because they are not yours!”

Another part of him objected, thinking: “Come on, it’s only ten hryven. Is this really a cause for concern? The bus company has a huge income, they don’t care about such a trifle. Just consider these ten hryven’ as a Blessing from The Lord, and quietly go on your way.”

When the time came for the Priest to leave, he resolved to give the ten hryven back to the bus driver saying, “You gave me too much.” With a smile on his face, the bus driver replied, “You must be a new Priest, right? I was thinking about whether or not I should go to your church. Therefore, I decided to see what you would do if I gave you too much change.”

When the Priest left the bus, he trembled and grabbed the first lamppost to keep from falling, and said “Oh God! I almost sold Your Son for ten hryven!

Translation by Matfey Shaheen

[1] Hryven are the currency of Ukraine. They are based on the currency of Kievan Rus’ (Ancient Russia), which was made of silver.—Trans.
Anthony8/18/2018 4:06 pm
If I ever find money in the streets, I normally just put it in the Church collection box since I don't know who it belongs to. Then I ask God to bless the person whose money that is. Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's.
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