18 icons streaming myrrh in Astrakhan village church

Solodniki, Astrakhan Province, Russia, February 18, 2019

Photo: astrobl.ru Photo: astrobl.ru

A village church in southern Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan, has been experiencing an outpouring of God’s grace for the past several months.

The Znamenny Icon of the Mother of God began to stream myrrh on August 5 in the Church of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple in Solodniki in the Astrakhan Province, and since then, another 17 icons have also begun to stream myrrh, reports the official Provincial website.

The faithful told regional head Sergei Morozov about it during his recent visit to the Chernoyar Region.

“It’s also a revelation for me, when you see the drops,” parish rector Fr. Stephan told Morozov.

Faithful from other cities and regions have been to go on pilgrimage to the church, having learned about the miraculous icons.

Photo: astrobl.ru Photo: astrobl.ru

“What is happening with the icons is, of course, an admonition for every person—that we would preserve mercy and love in our hearts,” commented village resident Natalia Lisikova.

The Church of the Entrance of the Mother of God was built in 1899, but was used as a granary in the years of godlessness and fell into disrepair. The church was repaired and reopened in 2014.

The Churkino Monastery in Astrakhan is also home to 60 myrrh-streaming icons. Three new icons began to stream myrrh there in 2016.

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