Constantinople representative (2016): Patr. Bartholomew recognizes Ukrainian Church as territory of Russian Church (VIDEO)

Source: Katehon

June 24, 2016

In June 2016, during the Crete council, the Katehon Think Tank asked Fr. Alexander Karloutsos, an influential priest of the Greek Orthodox Archdioces of America, a jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, for his assessment of the appeal made by the Ukrainian parliament at that time for a tomos of autocephaly. He responded that such a request was inappropriate and that, in the eyes of Constantinople, the Russian Church has legitimate jurisdiction over the Ukrainian Church.

Fr. Alexander is the assistant to Archbishop Demetrios of America for public affairs, representing him to the White House and Congress. According to the Pappas Post, he is “on a first name basis with sitting and past U.S. Presidents, foreign heads of state and business leaders throughout the world as a result of his advocacy efforts for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and Greek Orthodox Church matters internationally, personally raised tens of millions of dollars from wealthy donors and orchestrated the largest single fundraising effort ever in the Greek American community,” on behalf of the St. Nicholas Church and National Shrine at Ground Zero.—O.C.


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