300,000+ Believers participate in All-Ukrainian Cross Procession (+ VIDEO)

Kiev, July 29, 2019

Photo: RIA-Novosti Photo: RIA-Novosti     

On the eve of the feast of the Baptism of Rus’, the much-anticipated All-Ukrainian Cross Procession was held. After a moleben, over 300,000 believers walked on foot over 2 miles from St. Vladimir’s Hill to the Kiev Caves Lavra to celebrate the Baptism of Rus’. On July 28, after the festal Liturgy, three new saints were glorified as shown in this beautiful service.   

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church prepared this beautiful time-lapse to demonstrate just how magnificent this wonderful procession was.

Here is another video demonstrating the sheer scale of it.

The Union of Orthodox Journalists also has a report filled with many different videos of this years procession.

The schismatics also conducted their cross processions, two in fact, as “Honorary Patriarch” Philaret, being in a mini-schism from the OCU, staged his own procession with around 300 people, separate from his former protege, the OCU “Primate” Epiphany.

As was true with last year’s processions, the canonical procession far outnumbered the schismatics’ procession, demonstrating the overall fidelity of the Ukrainian people to the canonical Church led by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine.

The canonical Church’ procession:


And here is a photo of the schismatics of the OCU, who apparently can’t even fill a smaller street completely.


Matfey Shaheen

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