Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria commemorates schismatic Epiphany Dumenko (+ VIDEO)

Daher, Egypt, November 8, 2019

His Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria and All Africa commemorated Epiphany Dumenko, the primate of the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” during the Divine Liturgy today at the Church of the Archangels in Daher in the Cairo Governorate.

The commemoration can be heard in a video of the Liturgy posted on the Archangels Rum Orthodox Church Facebook page around 45:30:

During the Great Entrance of the Divine Liturgy, the primates of the Local Churches commemorate the other primates with whom they are in communion, thus commemoration of Epiphany constitutes official recognition of the canonicity and autocephaly of the OCU.

Today’s commemoration was not preceded by any decision by the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria on the matter.

After many months of being recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople alone, the OCU was also recently recognized by Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece.

Pat. Theodoros, whose Patriarchate is heavily dependent upon the Greek Foreign Ministry for funds and diplomatic help, visited Odessa in September of last year to encourage the faithful of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church under His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine to remain loyal to Christ in His Church and to cling to their holy primate, Met. Onuphry.

“I have come here to tell you: Remain in the Orthodox faith, in the canonical Church. The apostle Peter saw the tunic of Christ torn in the first century. This tunic was bloodstained for many years, and we must carry this tunic in our hearts. There have been very difficult times in the history of our Church. In these difficult days in Ukraine there is a canonical Church, headed by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry—a blessed man of God and a true monk,” he said.

The Church does not bow to politicians, the Patriarch also stated during his visit to Odessa: “I will also tell all the Patriarchs that the Church does not bow to politicians. The Church has the Apostolic rules… The canonical Church is guided by the canons. It lives by and will live by the canons.”

The Patriarch previously served as the representative of the Alexandrian Patriarchal throne in Odessa from 1985 to 1990, at a time when the Ukrainian schismatics were just beginning. In an interview in June he stated that he knows the pain of the schisms in Ukraine firsthand, having lived and served in Odessa for a decade. He also notes his Patriarchate’s close historical and present ties with the Russian Orthodox Church: “The ties between the Alexandrian Patriarchate and the Russian Church are great and it is impossible to break them.”

“Тhese people who received autocephaly are what divides the Church,” he said in the same interview.

Pat. Theodoros also previously called for a conciliar solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

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Rej11/20/2019 11:18 pm
Sad, blindess, heartbreaking to see that power of the evil is on the arise. Read 'orthodoxy and the kingdom of satan'. Auther Father Spyridon Baily. The whole world lies in the power of the evil one 1 John 5 v19. The ruler of this world has put his teeth and we should fight back but with kindness and gentleness of what the Lord Jesus has taught us. Amen
Popsy11/15/2019 11:02 pm
@"A Greek of Constantinople": OK, now is clear: you have nothing to do with Orthodoxy, except maybe that you're baptized. You know almost nothing about Church history, Tradition and Canon law, although you have opinions about why Bartholomew did what he did and how that's right, contrary to opinions of Greek(!!!) theologians with a wealth of knowledge. And you insult other commentators. In other words, you're a troll. And I don't mean to insult you.
A Greek of Constantinople.11/15/2019 8:52 am
Popsy.. My comment to Alex in an other threat has nothing to do with you. Your reply here only adds to the suspicion that Alex is your alter ego. But let me answer what really matters to me. You want to take the Bulgarian side, well I am not shocked. I wrote before, I trust no foreigner what so ever and always view them with hostility or suspicion at best. ".. but the difference lays in the fact that Bulgarian phyletism is defensive, while yours is offensive. Their phyletism seeks only to mark out the boundaries of their tribe; yours seeks to cross the boundaries of Hellenism...". They clearly over-extended their boundaries as seen from their failed designs during the Macedonian struggle, the Balkan wars, WWI and WWII. Defensive you say? The Bulgarians nothing but migrants and raiders into Thrace since the year 499 AD when they first crossed the Danube river. The fact of the matter is that the Bulgarians are not only migrants into the Balkans, they have been a plague in Greek history on part with their Turkic distant relatives. Perhaps you have forgotten that the Bulgars were a Tatar tribe that "mixed" with Slavs. Their tribal boundaries aren't even in the Balkans in the first place, their tribal boundaries are in the Ukraine not Thrace. But it is easy for you to defend your "Slavic brothers", irrespective of the fact of their numerous crimes and Nazi collaborationist past. It is why I place as much faith in the "Slavic races" as my faith in the competence Italian armies. But enough about a peoples we defeated in battle, and currently control economically. The Greek state has advanced so much in military technology, industry and standard of living that if it not were for a pacifist government we would have easily subjected the entire Balkan peninsula under our direct occupation. Bulgaria is of little concern or threat to us today, we control their economy, many of our factories are in Bulgaria, we even guard their airspace since they have no air force of any note. How pathetic is that.. Speaking of geopolitical interests and control. Did you know that the Greek State also funds not only the Patriarchy of Constantinople, but also the Patriarchies of Alexandria, Jerusalem and Antioch? If we had a government made up of individuals with a military background, we could achieve so much. A bunch of weak parliamentarians who have no guts nor honor have managed to put such pressure on Orthodox Church politics that created the issue you rant about in the first place. Imagine what can be achieved if militarists with an agenda and scores to settle, much like myself, get hold of the reigns of government. Well not even the government, just the control of the Army is enough. Bottom line is, you best pray, Greece remains in a good attitude towards her neighbors because we have many scores to settle with each and everyone of you.. and history is not on the side of all the migrant populations of the Balkans and Asia Minor and beyond. Do not think we forgotten that Crimea was once a part of our homeland, as much as Alexandria was. Believe me, you do not want to piss us off. The only thing that has been saving the Slavic populations of the Balkans and beyond is the common religion, and that last bond is slowly eroding.. Westernized war hawks like me rub their hands and just need but an order to get to work. Either ways we have been training for years if not decades to make short work of many of our "neighbors".
Popsy11/13/2019 6:12 pm
@"A Greek of Constantinople": In a comment to another article, you write "Next time try to refrain from ad hominem and I will refrain from ridicule." It sounds... funny coming from you. In my original comment, I didn't ridicule you and i didn't attack you personally (ad hominem), while your response was very acid and ad hominem. So, which way is it? Or it's either, as long as it fits your agenda?
Popsy11/13/2019 5:10 pm
@"A Greek of Constantinople": Both the Bulgarians and Greeks have been accused of phyletism during this period, the Greek clerics in particular for trying to impose the Greek language on non-Greek ethnic groups, such as the Slavic population of Macedonia and Thrace, and for spreading nationalistic ideas of a Greater Greece. Konstantin Leontiev, a prominent writer on the subject, notes that both sides were equally responsible for the schism, but differentiates the two: "Both you [Greeks] and the Bulgarians can equally be accused of phyletism, that is, of introducing ethnic interests into Church questions, and in the use of religion as a political weapon; but the difference lies in the fact that Bulgarian phyletism is defensive, while yours is offensive. Their phyletism seeks only to mark out the boundaries of their tribe; yours seeks to cross the boundaries of Hellenism...". Thank God that not all greeks are like you. There's Met.Seraphim of Piraeus, Met. Seraphim of Kythira, Abp. Anastasios of Albania, etc. You write " I can get very insulting"...that's really an Orthodox trait and you should be proud of it, as you already are... It is true that I know Orthodoxy because of some Greeks, but that's precisely those Greeks and their teachings and canons that are now ignored by heresiarch Bartholomew and his clique and followers. History and traditions mean (almost) nothing when we're talking about Church and Faith. I think that you are so full of yourself, that you mistake your history for Church history and your traditions for Church Tradition. There's a huge difference between them, believe me. Therefore, I'm sure that I'm still in the Church. And thanks for your concern, but... I'm not hungry.
A Greek of Constantinople.11/11/2019 10:36 pm
At.. Popsy. "Ethnophyletism" was a term coined on August 10 1872 by the Patriarch of Constantninople to condemn Bulgarian schismatics who applied Bulgarian nationalism to the Orthodox Church.. and I quote. "We renounce, censure and condemn phyletism, that is racial discrimination, ethnic feuds, hatreds and dissensions within the Church of Christ, as contrary to the teaching of the Gospel and the holy canons of our blessed fathers which support the holy Church and the entire Christian world, embellish it and lead it to divine godliness." I guess, by your statements you are a phyletist. How otherwise would you explain your quote: "A Greek of Constantinople: you say "we always have been faithful to our history and our traditions". And you're right... the only thing you've been faithful to, is your history and your traditions... Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Church was always on the third or fourth place, if even there... Ethnophyletism was deemed a heresy because of you, greeks." I really couldn't care less what you think about us. In fact as everyone already knows I am more aggressive than you and I can get very insulting. Speaking of Christ, you claiming that Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Church come in third or fourth place is utterly laughable considering you know Orthodoxy because of some Greeks and their history and traditions. Your judgement and gross generalization, as if you have any clue of what you speak of, is utterly laughable. Besides if you disagree with our traditions, then you have automatically placed yourself into schism, heterodoxy and schism, since our traditions and history are Orthodoxy itself. You are therefore by extension, un-Orhtodox and heterodox. You are no better than the Ukrainians you call schismatics and phyletists. You are no better than a Protestant who views Church traditions as irrelevant. Perhaps you should (re)join your Protestant sect since you have such major issues with our traditions. Bottom line Popsy, you sound hungry.. Have a sneakers and calm your stomach.
Popsy11/10/2019 11:43 pm
@"A Greek of Constantinople": you say "we always have been faithful to our history and our traditions". And you're right... the only thing you've been faithful to, is your history and your traditions... Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Church was always on the third or fourth place, if even there... Ethnophyletism was deemed a heresy because of you, greeks.
Archimandrite Gregory11/10/2019 11:56 am
I find it perplexing to see that the former 2 imperial sees, whose main pupose is to guard the purity of faith of the Ecumene both have gone the way of lust for power, one even to the point of ushering in the worship of idols within the churches of Rome sanctified by the blood of Martyrs. Poor Aleandria was unable to stand up to oppressors well funded by American dollars.
A Greek of Constantinople.11/10/2019 5:30 am
"Reader Daniel". You attempt to equate the current situation with the schism of 1054. However these two events are not the same. The Pope of Rome gradually drifted into his primacy innovations and heresies, while the special privileges that the Ecumenical Patriarch has been exercising existed for over a millennium. They are by no means new innovations as some of you like to frame it. The "filioque" arose from the Council of Toledo and took about 150-200 years to become dogma of the Western Church. Even so, no one anathematized the West, even though they considered it a grave error and heresy. This issue is a year and a month old and already there are many making preposterous claims of "heresy", "innovations of primacy" and other laughable accusations. Like I mentioned earlier, the Ecumenical Patriarch has some extraordinary powers that no other Patriarch has. That includes the right to intervene in the affairs of an other Church when there is a dead lock. It has always been like this, some of you act as it is the first time you are hearing of these things.. and considering most of you are converts, that may as well be the case. The Ecumenical Patriarch is the first among equals, hence the name "Ecumenical". In no point did Bartholomew come out to claim he is first without equals. That is a speculation and an accusation coming from the Moscow-Belgrade axis, and I say this because believe me.. We are split since last year. Even though no one directly dares to excommunicate anyone yet. Unity in the Orthodox world is held by a single horse hair.. much like the sword of Damocles. It is only a matter of time that hostilities will openly commence. If you wish to accuse us Constantinopolitans and by extension Greeks of "heresy, innovation, ecumenism".. take note how fiercely I defend the traditions of Constantinople and be prepared for Newtons third law: If you believe "Bad Bart" is the bad apple and a pawn Ecumenism. Your Church is no better. More so when it's officials come out to doubt the validity of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, claiming there are only a few thousands of faithful in "Istanbul". Would you expect any better from a Church that was infiltrated and controlled by the KGB for over 70 years? Oh many of you rushed to claim that Constantinople was the city of Saints as well as heretics.. and can argue that Moscow was the city of Saints and KGB agents. The bottom line is simple. If the Slavic world cannot put it's own house in order, only a fool wouldn't step in to take advantage of the situation. This is precisely the case for the Ukraine. It is not my fault the Russians and the Ukrainians are tearing each other apart, and quite frankly as a Greek I don't care about your internal problems. The Slavic world is directly responsible for the mess it is in. You have only yourselves to blame for this mess, not the Ecumenical Patriarch. Maybe Bartholomew I is a clever opportunist. Maybe he is sick and tired of your self created problems. Maybe he is a puppet of Western interests. Maybe he is simply granting autocephally because church law gives him that right and he wishes to weaken Russian influence for the previous mentioned reasons. But remember, for as long as Constantinople and the Greek Orthodox World is concerned. The Ecumenical Patriarch has that absolute right, legally and historically to do so.. even though it doesn't serve your interests. So no matter what happens, remember, this problem was created by the Rus for the Rus. As if this is not bad enough, you are all bent on creating a bigger problem. An inter-orthodox conflict. As for me, I support what my forefathers supported. Orthodoxy, Hellenism, and Constantinople. If you want to be in schism with us since last year.. So be it. For we have our conscious clean because we always have been faithful to our history and our traditions.
Silouan11/9/2019 11:10 pm
Disgusting... the Neo-papist march continues its apostasy. Lines are being drawn. Which side will you be on? Novelty and Neo-papo king... or Christ's Conciliar Church? Its also worth noting that all the degenerate ideologies from the global elite are found in the Neo-papist community and "seminaries". Well funded and connected to the deep state. God, or Mammon? You can't have both. Someone asked above "what do we do now?" I can't tell you what you should do, but I can tell you how I would approach it myself, for what it's worth. If this was happening in my church I would COMPLAIN for sure. I'd get as much attention on this issue as I could generate and try to persuade in favor of Tradition and Orthodoxy. BUT if the consensus was in support of the neo-papists I'd start looking for another church that doesn't support schismatics, i.e. ROCOR, Serbian, etc. If the closest Orthodox church was in another state, I'd start looking for jobs in that area and relocate ASAP. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help us, save us and have mercy on us and strengthen our struggling Greek, Ukrainian and Alexandrian brothers who are under Neo-papist and globalist persecution!
Reader Daniel11/9/2019 10:26 pm
“A Greek of Constantinople”. Rome indeed fell into the heresy of the Filioque. Yet, as I’m sure you are aware, its schism from the Orthodox Church in 1054 was not directly concerned with the Filioque . Rather it was Rome’s claims of an authoritative primacy and its legates daring to excommunicate the Patriarch of its sister see of Constantinople which lead to what became the final or great schism. But it is a mistake to see the issue of primacy as not being dogmatic, whilst it is not strictly theological it is fundamental to the Church’s ecclesiological teaching that Christ is Her Head even as She is His Body. The claim that one bishop is the universal head of other bishops places that bishop as the head of the Church in place of the Christ. In doing the Divine-Human Relationship of Christ and the Church is replaced with a purely human power structure which makes Christ remote. Hereby also soteriological teachings of the Church suffer as the salvific nature of the Church is reduced and personalised, and the salvific teachings of humility replaced with an example of the ultimate pride of sitting in the place of Christ. For indeed the soteriological is properly bound with the ecclesiological. Likewise this very bonded nature of dogma is present not only between the Church’s ecclesiological and soteriological teaching but also with its Theological. The Filioque confused the relations of the Holy Trinity and subordinated the Holy Spirit. This subordination of the Sprit, especially when combined with over-emphasized teaching of bishops as Christ’s vicars, lead to secularisation of western ecclesiology as the place of the Holy Spirit as being the ever present guide of the Church was relegated and the perceived need for a universal vicar of Christ arose . Likewise this has been demonstrated again in the recent letter of Archbishop Elpidophoros: Where his misguided understanding of ecclesiology and his attempts to root this on Trinitarian Theology have directly lead him to Theological heresy in his erroneous misunderstanding of the Monarchy of the Father, whereby he contradicts Orthodox teaching concerning the Most Holy Trinity. Now concerning the territory of Kiev, the simplified history propagated by Constantinople overlooks that Kiev was destroyed by the Mongols and its see transferred to Vladimir then Moscow, a transfer acknowledged and approved by Constantinople. It was this see of the land of Rus which split from Constantinople when the latter fell into heresy by re-uniting with Rome, and it was this one see whose autocephaly was later recognised by Constantinople, and this same see whose autocephaly was confirmed by the Pan-Orthodox council which also elevated it to a Patriarchate granting it the fifth place in the Pentarchy. The see set up by Constantinople in the new Kiev, which had been rebuilt by the Poles, was done so when it was in union with Rome and its legitimacy and therefore Constantinople’s jurisdiction was never acknowledged. Further even if Constantinople’s history were true and its jurisdiction over Kiev legitimate it has not set up its own see again Kiev but rather entered into communion with anathematised ethno-worshiping schismatics to whom it has granted autocephaly. Again this is not a dispute merely over Kiev as you claim, rather Constantinople has claimed the right to intervene not only because of its territorial claims but because it claims the right to intervene in any see of the Holy Orthodox Church. This claim of headship over the other patriarchs as first without equals is indeed an ecclesiological heresy which as I have explained above leads to heresy in other Church dogmas and to absurd and blasphemous statements and comparisons, as seen in the 2018 Synaxis. And to clarify: that it is a matter of heresy does not originate from me or any other commentator on this site but was first espoused by Archbishop Elpidophoros, albeit with the charge reversed.
A Greek of Constantinople.11/9/2019 7:21 pm
Here we go again "Rdr Daniel". I have to explain the obvious over and over.. Rome fell into heresy (filioque). Otherwise it would have remained as the first throne of Orthodoxy. The order of the Churches stands, and if Rome returns to Orthodoxy it will, naturally, take the first place. The Constantinople vs Moscow split is not over theology or dogma. It is over Ukrainian territory. How many times do I need repeat myself? Constantinople granted everyone autonomy from Moscow to Warsaw to Belgrade, because only Constantinople has the final word on these matters as stated in Church law. In the case of Ukraine, the territory always belonged to Constantinople and was never ceded to Moscow. Moscow was given the privilege to choose the clerics because Constantinople was too far away and under Islamic occupation. The 1687 privileges were revoked in 2018 because Moscow and Kiev had ceased to commemorate Constantinople. The main term of this "contract". It's the same reason a Church of Greece exists, by will of the British and a Church of Bulgaria exists by will of an Ottoman Sultan. These Churches by your logic shouldn't even be considered canonical. Again, this is no theological issue, neither an issue of dogma. But a territorial dispute. The fact some of you dare to even invoke the holy shows your ignorance and fanaticism I would say. This is no "folique", neither "monophysites", "Miaphysites", "Bogomilism" etc.. Constantinople is acting within Church law in it's own territory, even if it is ~400 years later.
Rdr Daniel11/9/2019 5:37 pm
A Greek of Constantinople.11/9/2019 6:42 am wrote: "I told you.. You think Constantinople is anti-canonical,while it is Moscow that is trying to undermine the canons and the Pentarchy. This stems partly from many of the laity ignorance of Church law and hierarchy, partly from political interests. All Patriarchies can do nothing but agree with Constantinople.. lest they fall into schism and even heresy. Learn Church law, for shame the ignorance of many is embarrassing. Jerusalem and Antioch to follow soon." What canon has Moscow broken? It has not invaded another see nor has it declared itself the first without equals. There are indeed many ignorant of church law, this is why the Holy Synod of Constantinople has not deposed Bartholomew, whilst others know and despise it chief amongst them Patriarch Bartholomew himself. But if some hold that cannon law gives the first see all authority, then let them fall in line under the Patriarch of Rome, for if all can do nothing but agree with the first see, as though it were their head, then all Orthodoxy is in schism from the 'Roman Catholic church' since its disobedience to the Patriarch and Pope of Rome in 1054. But it is indeed the case that the Church through its holy canons awards no such authority to any bishop neither Old Rome nor New. But through the desire for power they in turn have sought to undermine, disregard and twist the canons and despising the teaching of Fathers have sought to make themselves each a bishop of bishops. Becoming instead anti-bishops and, as St Gregory the Dialogist writes, forerunners to the anti-Christ. Alexandria and Greece have fallen in line with Constantinople because of both external pressure and because they have value ethnicity above Orthodoxy, both have fallen to heresy even as Alexandria did to Monothelitism. But many Greeks are Orthodox above all else and they will not follow where they lead but will follow Christ.
Isidora11/9/2019 2:56 pm
I'm going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb here and predict that all of the new calendar orthodox will be soon lining up behind their papacy in Constantinople. Ukkraine will be old news as the new calendar Phanarites begin to "struggle" with second marriages for priests, married bishops, and females in the ranks of clergy. Oh and a new date for Pascha (which they call easter) so that they will be further joined with the nonOrthodox.
A Greek of Constantinople.11/9/2019 6:42 am
I told you.. You think Constantinople is anti-canonical,while it is Moscow that is trying to undermine the canons and the Pentarchy. This stems partly from many of the laity ignorance of Church law and hierarchy, partly from political interests. All Patriarchies can do nothing but agree with Constantinople.. lest they fall into schism and even heresy. Learn Church law, for shame the ignorance of many is embarrassing. Jerusalem and Antioch to follow soon.
Alex11/9/2019 3:11 am
This is a very sad thing. Pat. Theodoros obviously has tremendous pressure on him, but did the martyrs and confessors of Holy Orthodoxy in past times. May God forgive him, for he knows not what he does.
Orthodox Layman from Germany11/8/2019 10:38 pm
@Dimitrios: my heart is bleeding for our Alexandrian/African brothers. Hard times and heavy decissions are in front of you. I'm only a layman and not worth to give you a suggestion how to act. But I think the advises of the real orthodox elders are clear... I'll pray for your suffering church and the return of your church from shism to the bosom of the one orthodox church.
Mark11/8/2019 10:15 pm
Rdr Daniel11/8/2019 9:11 pm
The whole world groaned, and was astonished to find itself Phanarite.
Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis11/8/2019 7:57 pm
So saddened by your unorthodox decision, Your Holiness. How quickly you swallowed your own words a year ago to the Ukrainian Orthodox people under Metropolitan Onuphry, “Remain in the Orthodox faith, in the canonical Church.” You also said, “The Church does not bow to politicians” – only to their money, I suppose. Do you think that you maintain the unity of the Church with your thoughtless action? We need to maintain the unity of the faith, and the faithfulness to the holy Canons of the Church that have been violated by the (once upon a time) “Ecumenical” Patriarch. You have not only commemorated an unordained and excommunicated Bishop, but have also recognized as another head of the visible Church, the Pope of the East. You probably don’t know it, but you have cut yourself from the unity of the Church, by communicating with the schismatics. How are you going to look in the eye the only canonical head of the Ukrainian Church, Metropolitan Onuphry? I pray you will recognize your mortal error and in repentance return to the fold of the Church. Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis
Haeul11/8/2019 7:47 pm
You lack of courage and integrity has turned one of the most ancient Sees of the Church of Christ into a Greek ethnocultural glub, wholly emptied of the Holy Spirit. You have placed the interests of the Greece's neo-liberals government ahead of the interest of the Church. You have bowed down to an idol and spat in the face of our Savior. Anaxios!
Archimandrite Gregory11/8/2019 4:45 pm
This is very disappointing. Even good men often lack courage and integrity.
Nun Irinea11/8/2019 4:11 pm
What is most saddening is to see how little weight some hierarchs attribute to the virtues of fidelity, honorability, rectitude, and above all to the Holy Orthodox Faith, being ready to trade it against worldly gain.
Timmy11/8/2019 4:07 pm
WOW! This is truly shocking because it is a complete reversal of Patriarch Theodoros' position of vocal support for Metropolitan Onuphry & the UOC and agains Ephphany Dumenko & his group of schismatics for the past years. Pray for truth & unity to prevail, and get ready for a rugged trial!
PYCb11/8/2019 3:59 pm
What a betrayal! What a fall!
Dimitrios11/8/2019 3:10 pm
I saw it in a youtube news feed. I did not believe it. I immediately came to and saw the headline. I still did not believe it. I watched and listened to the video, and reality dawned on me, I heard it with my own ears. I feel sick. What are we that are under the Alexandrian Patriarchate supposed to do now? Complain? Ignore it? The church canons are extremely clear regarding communion with schismatics. What are we supposed to do now?
Kypriano11/8/2019 2:27 pm
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