Representatives of Constantinople, Alexandria, Cyprus, Ukrainian schismatics, and Vatican gather in Constantinople for feast of St. Andrew

Istanbul, December 2, 2019

Photo: Romfea Photo: Romfea     

The Patriarchate of Constantinople celebrated its patronal feast on November 30, in honor of its founder St. Andrew the First-Called Apostle. Patriarch Bartholomew was joined by a number of hierarchs from the Patriarchate, Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria, and representative hierarchs from the Church of Cyprus, the Ukrainian schismatics, and the Roman Catholic church.

Representing the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” were “Archbishop” Evstraty Zorya, formerly the faithful sidekick to “Patriarch” Philaret Denisenko, and “Metropolitan” Michael (Zinkevich), reports Romfea.

Pat. Theodoros of Alexandria, who decided to recognize the schismatics and commemorate Epiphany Dumenko last month, heartily greeted Zorya and Zinkevich, saying, “few people can understand Ukraine and boast about it as much as I do,” referring to his years of service in Odessa.

Until November, Pat. Theodoros spoke of how he understood the lawlessness of the schismatics and stood with His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine as the canonical primate in Ukraine.

He also extolled the OCU as a “martyric church” and said he was certain it will prosper, with the “modest” Epiphany at the helm.

Met. Vasilios of Constantia and Ammochostos of the Church of Cyprus is second from the left. Photo: Romfea Met. Vasilios of Constantia and Ammochostos of the Church of Cyprus is second from the left. Photo: Romfea     

In the photos published by Romfea, it can be seen that Metropolitan Vasilios of Constantia and Ammochostos of the Cypriot Orthodox Church also served with the Patriarchs and the schismatic Evstraty Zorya. The Cypriot Church has not recognized or entered into communion with the OCU, and it is known that several of its hierarchs are strongly against recognition.

His Eminence Metropolitan Nikephoros of Kykkos recently told a monastic conference that Patriarch Bartholomew acted anti-canonically in Ukraine.

For his part, Pat. Bartholomew expressed his great delight at the presence of the Catholic delegation led by Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, saying his presence was a symbol of the desire for full unity between the Orthodox and Catholics.

Pat. Bartholomew expressed his satisfaction with the 40-year dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic churches, saying and stressed the importance of further developing the dialogue, emphasizing that “the common canonical tradition of the first millennium is a theoretical and practical foundation complementing our long-standing dialogue of truth and love.”

“May Almighty God, through the blessings of the apostles Peter and Andrew, bless and strengthen our common efforts to restore integral communication between our two fraternal churches,” the primate of Constantinople said.

In turn, Cardinal Koch read a message from Pope Francis in which he expressed his firm desire to restore full-fledged communion between the Catholics and Orthodox.

Pat. Bartholomew reportedly recently told a group of Athonite abbots and monks that reunion with the Catholic church is inevitable and that there are no dogmatic differences between the two churches.

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Mikhail12/6/2019 6:33 am
Sadly, David believes that Bartholomew did a good thing by creating the schismatic OCU from a bunch of laymen pretending to be hierarchs and clergy. He also thinks that any website or individual defending the stance of Russia is a propaganda agent. By the way David...Bartholomew is an ecumenist. Nothing new there.
Johnathan Obama12/5/2019 8:14 pm
David, maybe "Bartholomew: Ecumenist!!!!!" is accurate since Bart, like Athenagoras is more of a NATO agent than a patriarch.
David12/4/2019 11:42 pm
Sister Cornelia, I am a long time reader of this website (and under the EP). There are many of us in the Greek world who love the Russian Church and its saints. I find the spiritual articles on this website to be the best in that regard, it is a shame that ecclesial politics and propaganda have overshadowed that. Even before this crisis, this website would run a "Bartholomew: Ecumenist!!!!!" hit piece at least once a month if not more. It became quite shrill around the time of Crete and has only remained so since then.
Alexios12/3/2019 3:31 pm
Yes, and then there is the point of Bartholomew’s very recent statement that...”there are no dogmatic differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and that reunion with the Catholic Church is inevitable.” Again, very pathetic, and unbecoming for a successor of the Apostle St. Andrew!
nun Cornelia12/3/2019 1:58 pm
David: Respectfully, this website has never attacked the EP for holding services in Constantinople on the feast of St. Andrew. But it is reporting on it's anti-canonical actions concerning the Ukraine. Is that a problem for you? Although, I see you are reading the website. Maybe you'll get another point of view from the one you espouse, or at least get some information you may otherwise have not gotten. Which I think is commendable.
David12/3/2019 6:11 am
The Vatican sends representatives every year on the Feast of St. Andrew, just as the EP does to the Vatican on the Feasts of Sts. Peter and Paul. Nothing new here, and of course the OCU is there, because they are recognized by the EP (or if you like, they are EP clergy from the "UOC-EP" and are there). Either way, nothing earth shaking here. Just a typical Feast of St. Andrew's in Constantinople, of course this website has attacked the EP for years about this, so in that sense just a typical article from A constant in these times of change.
Renato12/2/2019 8:07 pm
Lo schisma ormai è in atto. La Chiesa è stata lacerata dall'arroganza, dalla mancanza di umiltà di troppi gerarchi.A differenza del 1054, a parte la Santa Montagna che appartiene tutta l'Ortodossia. in Grecia il monachesimo attraversa una grande crisi, nonostante le apparenze, e ha rinunciato così al suo spirito profetico che dovrebbe guidare la Chiesa di Cristo.
Alexios12/2/2019 7:25 pm
Very, very sad. So, they want to unite with the Latins? Don't these people remember how the Crusaders sacked, looted and occupied Constantinople in the middle ages? Don't these people remember the Uniate movements in Greece, Romania, Ukraine, and other east European lands? Pathetic. Lord have mercy!
Theodoros12/2/2019 4:55 pm
This just keeps getting worse. Bartholomew must be deposed. Theodoros and ieronymos must be deposed as well. Bartholomew has corrupted the Greeks with Their sentimentality for constantinople. All Greeks must resist bartholomew and support The bishops of greece who are fighting him.
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