Former gymnast and economist, Mother Ecaterina cares for 126 children

Source: Basilica News Agency

December 12, 2019


Mother Ecaterina from St Leontius of Radauti Settlement gave up her career and entered monasticism. She studied to become a nurse and a psychologist and now she takes care of 126 children of all ages at Romania’s largest residential institution devoted to the care of orphans and other children who were separated from their biological families.

Pro TV posted an online video showing one day in the life of Mother Ecaterina.

‘Sister Ecaterina is a mother to us. She is a person who saved a lot of lives. She makes us become something in life. She wants to show us that hard things can be easy only if we think they are easy. She has set two goals for us. To learn and be good,’ said Maria and Vasilica, two of the children at the Settlement.

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Aurelian Iftimiu


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