Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov) of Pskov: Coronavirus pandemic is Third World War

Pskov, March 31, 2020

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In his Sunday homily given at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Pskov, His Eminence Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov) of Pskov and Porkhov addressed the topic of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the churches in Russia remain open for the time being, Met. Tikhon called on the faithful to refrain from coming to Church services, but to pray at home, thus echoing the call of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill in his own homily on Sunday.

The coronavirus pandemic is the Third World War, in which we must fight with evil while observing preventative measures, said His Eminence Metropolitan Tikhon of Pskov and Porkhov during his Sunday homily at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Pskov.

“75 years after the end of World War II, there’s a war again—a world war. I’m not exaggerating at all; I’m not putting any special anxiety or fear on you. That’s really how it is: a war between mankind and this evil that has come to us and against which we truly must fight. And some people—doctors, people who provide security, and maybe we, simple people—are just like our grandfathers and fathers during the war,” His Eminence said.

Part of that battle is to observe heightened sanitary measures, Met. Tikhon emphasized, including wiping down icons with disinfectants before and after venerating them (which applies to icons protected by glass).

He went on to cite the example of Italy, where more than 100,000 have been infected in just over a month.

“My friend, an Orthodox Christian living in a small city in northern Italy in the Brescia Region—it has 7,000 residents—called me recently and said: ‘We didn’t even think this could happen—the entire generation of those over 70 has died out!’” Met. Tikhon said.

Given that there have also been cases of coronavirus infection in the Pskov Province, His Eminence earlier called on pilgrims to refrain from visiting the famous Pskov Caves Monastery, where there are many elderly people.

“There was a wave of indignation: ‘Why? How? Is it possible to get infected in a monastery?’ Young people who are asymptomatic carriers of the virus come to our monastery from Moscow and St. Petersburg, stand next to old women, sneeze, cough, and simply breathe. And at close range, a person becomes infected. And what passes unnoticed and without a trace for a young person becomes not just a threat to their life, but a real trial—perhaps fatal,” the Metropolitan stressed.

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Herman4/4/2020 6:50 pm
Agata: (1) I am not posting "my conspiracy theories" all over the internet, I posted one comment, here (2)Nothing I said here is a "conspiracy theory" it is all sourced from mainstream news media. Look up Event 201 on Youtube. You can watch the videos of the conference yourself and make up your own mind about it. You can look up Gordon Brown and his call for a one world government to deal with the crisis. The vaccinations in development right now are extremely controversial, with even some of the Big Pharma insiders speaking out about the dangers of such an experimental drug being released without safety testing. The governments assure us that drone patrols, GPS mobile phone tracking, etc. are all temporary and security measures will all be returned to normal as soon as the virus is gone. Do you believe them? Time will tell (3) I spend plenty of my time in my room praying, as my church has been fully closed. I also spend time informing myself about what is going on in the world around me, so I can be prepared for the trials ahead of us. I don't believe these to be mutually exclusive concepts and I do not believe Orthodox Christians should bury our heads in the sand, nor should we place too much faith in the propaganda that our secular anti-Christian governments feed to us on a daily basis (4) Metropolitan Tikhon is not my bishop. I live in the USA, which is outside of his jurisdiction. My bishop is not asking anyone to not attend church, and he is not making ridiculous comparisons between WW2 (which killed 27 million Russians) and this coronavirus (which has killed 43 Russians). He is asking us to follow the directives of the local health authorities, which we are doing. God bless.
Agata4/3/2020 10:31 pm
Mister 'Herman', Please stop posting your "conspiracy theory" opinions all over the internet. Go to your room and pray. Like your Bishop is telling you to do.
Herman3/31/2020 6:48 pm
No. This is not a "war." I think this is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. This is wrong. I mean no disrespect to Met. Tikhon but his words here cannot be accepted by me. It is irresponsible to contribute to spreading panic and trying to scare people away from praying in church. This "virus" kills less than the common flu. The evidence from Event 201 and the reaction of the global powers and the WHO shows that this is a totalitarian globalist grab for power, using the "virus" (clearly a manufactured threat) as an excuse. We are not at "war" with some virus - we are being subjected to a move for a one world government. The bishops don't want to talk about that. Already many countries have passed laws (we are assured, or course, they are all "temporary") introducing unbelievable restrictions on personal freedom. Drones and robots are patrolling the streets. Millions of people have become unemployed. The Federal Reserve just robbed the American people of $6 trillion, another "bailout." And so on. I think 9 people have died in Russia, and the Metropolitan is comparing this to the Great Patriotic war? Will the globalist WHO be hailed as heroes when they introduce an experimental genetically-engineered vaccination (bypassing all safety testing), and the national governments make it mandatory to receive this injection? They are using the virus as a pretext to close our churches for Lent and Pascha. We should not pay heed to fear-mongering whether it comes from a politician or a bishop. We pay heed to the words of the Lord. We know the antichrist will reign as the leader of a unified global government. We see these moves being made. Now is the time to prepare, to pray, to repent. Comparing the "people who provide security" (world governments?) to the Russian people who fought in WW2 is unbelievable. The people want to come to church to pray with faith and the bishop says, NO - stay home! I never thought I would see the day... please forgive me for this comment.
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