Focus on God and saints rather than wild images of carefully-orchestrated protests, Met. Luke of Zaporozhye exhorts

Zaporozhye, Ukraine, June 4, 2020

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Mass protests on the streets in cities across America “have shown how quickly the mask of decency and morality falls from people when permissiveness hits the streets,” writes His Eminence Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye in a reflection published on his Telegram channel on Wednesday, June 2.

The carefully-orchestrated protests are in fact a means of control, the outspoken hierarch writes, but rather than being allured by wild images of violence, we should instead turn our gazes and our minds to the Lord Jesus Christ and His saints, he exhorts.

“Recent events induce sad reflections,” Met. Luke writes. “Christianity, which was the main state-forming and cultural factor in the construction of European and American civilization, is giving way to completely different models of social life.”

Given the opportunity, many have thrown off the semblance of morality and propriety, His Eminence laments.

“What do the religious buildings they’ve desecrated remind the protestors of? What are the owners of burned cars guilty of before the protestors? What guilt is there with the owners of smashed and robbed stores?” the Zaporozhye hierarch asks of the violence that is supposed to be in honor of the tragic death of George Floyd.

Anything is possible without God he continues: “When there is no fear of God and conscience, then man, having no fear of punishment, turns into a beast seeking easy prey.”

“Such a man is very easy to control,” the metropolitan writes, emphasizing that he does not believe that the entire country simply spontaneously erupted into protests after watching the tragic video of Floyd’s death. The riots are “as if on command,” he writes.

Americans, like no others, expect their rights and freedoms to be respected. “Perhaps the whole point is … to habituate these people to the idea that the usual order and prosperity can be provided only by a regime to which they have to yield their freedoms and rights.” Perhaps, this is why “this controlled chaos of protests has been allowed,” Met. Luke considers.

“For the builders of the new world order, it doesn't matter whether you are American, Russian, or Chinese. The main thing is that everyone learns to listen to Big Brother,” the Ukrainian hierarch continues.

“Why am I talking about this?” he asks rhetorically. Because a big lie is being pushed, skillfully manipulating the people under the guise of fighting for truth and health, Met. Luke believes.

However, Christians must remain stable, ever focused on the Lord: “I don't have the time or energy to figure out all these backstage games. Therefore, I wish all those who long for the Truth of the Future Age to look less at the crazy pictures of this sinful world, and to more often turn their eyes to the holy icons and offer prayers to the One Who will finally put everything in its place.”

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Denise2/13/2023 6:40 pm
I just now stumbled across this article and the related comments. Wonderful article and insightful comments by John and Robert. There are many Americans who see the United States as the Met. Luke does. It is extremely painful to watch this downfall which only seems to gain speed as time passes. Mix into this the ever increasing attacks on our youth and small children via the cult of transgenderism and it is clear to see who and what is trying to destroy the West - both Europe and the United States. Pray Always.
Robert Willan6/19/2020 3:57 am
Mary, you do not make any concrete point with which to take issue. You use slurs and allow your passions and emotions to vent themselves, but you neither make reference to anything the Bishop said, nor do you raise any subject for discussion. You hurl an impassioned insult. That is all. That is just the mentality I see expressed by most liberal women in the West. They are slaves to their passions, indignant, full of inexplicable/ill-defined fury, prone to embarrassing public displays of self righteous rage, but are incapable of presenting a reasoned argument. They are hubristic, Godless, and very easy to manipulate. Mr Magimbi, I would say the death of a 77 year old retired black police officer, at the hands of a wild looting, murdering, mob, and the lives of thousands of Black men murdered by other uncontrolled black men, every year (look at who really kills blacks in America - by the thousands, it is other wild blacks), matter equally as much, to the bishop, as any other life, including the life of the armed robber Floyd George, who died of a drug induced heart attack, not asphyxiation. Nowhere does it state that the life of that particular violent, drug taking, robber was worth "zero". Nowhere does it state that. But for you to focus on that man's self induced death, rather than the murder of the 77 year old black retired officer, or the wartime-scale murder rates of black on black violence, shows me that you care zero about those black lives, and only about an engineered current political agenda. You have fallen into an evil trap, planned by forces that the Marys and Magimbis will never understand. Bravo Bishop.
Devin Rice6/13/2020 9:51 pm
Great comment, John. You see the big picture.
Gary Cox6/12/2020 1:57 pm
A true and balanced article. Gary
John6/10/2020 10:55 am
Mary: Don't you see that the black people in America are being cynically used to achieve the political aims of a group of people who are not black, neither do they have any empathy for the black experience in our country? Believe me, black people have nothing to gain from what they are trying to push through. It will be just like Russia in 1917. The brains behind the revolution were loudly screaming about the "oppressed proletariate and peasantry". But we all know how it turned out. The backbone of the country was broken, and the NKVD terrorized everyone, peasants and workers included. The dregs of society became the new lords. Those people were without scruples or any nobility of soul. They were anti-Christian, no better than satanists. Their leaders might well even have been practicing satanists. Love and forgiveness is what Orthodox Christians should preach and practice. It's the only way. And we shouldn't fall for what is in essence anti-Christian propaganda.
Mary6/10/2020 9:37 am
Why would you print this man’s ignorant nonsense? Shame on you OrthoChristian., what are you thinking? Aw, right, you’re racists bones showing. This is the last time I will read your website. What a shame, because you do have some edifying material...usually. Lord have mercy on your souls.
Tamara6/8/2020 10:03 pm
Lord have mercy on us and save us!
Constantinos K Magimbi6/8/2020 6:16 am
The death of a black man on the Streets of Minneapolis means ZERO to the Archbishop? Where is Christ in the image of the a Police Officer Choking a man with his knee. I do not see any wisdom with what the man says here. NONE, ZERO, ZEUCH. Complete nonsense!
AncientPreference6/5/2020 8:37 pm
Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye speaks with discernment and gives a proper response to the situation. The Assembly of Canonical Bishops group just puppets the media and politicians. We need more like Metropolitan Luke. Lord have mercy on us and save us. If anyone has any homilies or lectures from Met. Luke dubbed in english that would be great.
ACatharina6/5/2020 3:59 pm
It's utterly disgusting how the media call these criminal acts and aggression "protests against violence". But at least some church hierarchs dare to call things what they are.
honingbij6/4/2020 10:32 pm
Thank you for this interview! Many, many truth bombs. Some very fine preaching for the West. Those who have ears .....
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