No matter how many times migrant vandals destroy our churches, we will rebuild them, say Lesvos faithful

Moria, Lesvos, Greece, June 19, 2020

The restored Church of St. Catherine in Moria, Lesvos. Photo: Facebook The restored Church of St. Catherine in Moria, Lesvos. Photo: Facebook     

Churches and chapels throughout the Greek island of Lesvos have been repeatedly vandalized and desecrated in recent years, as the island has been flooded with migrants predominantly from Muslim countries.

However, the local Orthodox faithful remain resilient.

“The number one target of vandals in Moria in its new colors. For every 10 times they destroy it, we will rebuild it 100 times,” Moria resident Makis Pavlellis writes on Facebook, presenting the photo of the newly-restored Church of St. Catherine decked out in the blue and white of the Greek flag.

The church was restored by volunteers.

It is located near the Moria hotspot, where thousands of third-world nationals, mainly from Muslim countries, who came to the island via migrant smuggling rings operating in Turkey, are temporarily hosted while their asylum requests are being processed.

Not only did the vandals cause physical damage inside the church, but they were also using it to defecate in. “The smell inside is unbearable,” Pavlellis before the volunteers began their work on the church.

In February it was reported that locals had locked St. Catherine’s in an attempt to protect it after the windows were broken, and the holy cross and icons were broken and thrown to the ground.

And St. Catherine’s is just one of many churches that have been repeatedly attacked on the island.

See how the church looked before repairs:

Photo: Photo:     

Photo: Photo:     

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A Greek of Constantinople.6/20/2020 8:31 am
When I was a child, I was a witness to a such a desecrated Church. The Church was remote, and was desecrated by migrants who had spent the night there. This was in the late 90ies when they first started arriving by boat from Turkey, I remember it being it around late April maybe early May, after Easter. We went hunting with my father and we made a stop. It was far worse than you can imagine from these pictures. These pictures are clean. They broke everything inside, crosses, icons, threw the chalices on the floor all mixed with their belongings the same cheap blankets, dirty clothes you see when the news reports. Spilled food, urine, feces on the floor. The iconostatis had been smashed and the icons with their eyes scratched out. Those migrants probably live today in the UK, France and Germany or Sweden.. which explains much. This was my first contact with Islam, one that I have sworn to repay them in kind. I usually make bold statements, but I also happen to be in military age and the future is looking bright on me making good on my promise. They were so lucky they had left long before we arrived.. My blood boils over just remembering it. They reap what they sow.
Alexander Leitner6/19/2020 2:37 pm
Beautiful! Glory be to God. Send these "refugees" home.
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