A Cheap Imitation of World Orthodoxy is Being Built Before Our Eyes


Recent events in Cyprus bear witness to a fact that is unfortunately no longer in doubt: Pan-Orthodox unity no longer exists. Moreover, the Orthodox world is facing a new and very dangerous schism. Its basis is the thirst for individual power, and its main tool is the willingness to ignore the canons, the truth, and the conscience in the process of achieving this goal.

A defective and malicious copy of world Orthodoxy is now being built before our eyes. In this parallel system, such aspects as the perversion of the canons, the legalization of schismatics, concelebration with people who have no valid ordination, and the trampling of the conciliar format of Church governance are considered natural and normal.

That is, everything that until only recently seemed unthinkable and impossible.

But behind this reality, new landmarks are already looming. We are talking about the further erosion of Orthodox ecclesiology, open concelebration with representatives of other confessions, agreement with the imposition of LGBT culture, and so on.

Do the leaders who are guiding their Churches into this cheap imitation of world Orthodoxy understand that it will be simply impossible to avoid further decline? After all, if you’re already jumping into the abyss, you certainly won’t be able to stop on the way down.

Do the leaders of these Churches understand that taking part in big geopolitical and political games has its price? For example, will they be able to refuse certain external forces if they demand that they guarantee Church support for the promotion of LGBT interests? Will they have enough courage to say “no?” I doubt it very much, given how some primates have already caved on the question of recognizing the schism.

Therefore, we must speak of the crisis taking place in world Orthodoxy not as some kind of confrontation between the “Greek” and “Slavic” worlds, or as a battle for ecclesiastical administrative boundaries.

Everything is much more complicated and more acute. In fact, a great schism is taking place, which is dragging more and more Local Churches into the funnel of this system that runs parallel to the real Orthodox world.

That is why the essence of the current crisis can be reduced to the struggle of those who want to create their own comfortable version of Orthodoxy that corresponds to their own interests with those who want to remain faithful to Orthodoxy.

This should be understood by every cleric and every believer in any Orthodox Church, and on the basis of this understanding they must make their choice—to remain among those faithful to God or to compromise with their conscience and become a member of the imitation of Orthodoxy.

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspol and Brovary
Translation by Jesse Dominick



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The heads of Local Churches, no matter what place they occupy in the diptychs, are equal in powers, and a certain position in the diptychs, including the first of them, refers to honor, not to power. Moreover, sacramentally speaking, not only the Primates of Local Churches, but all Bishops in general, even those with a significant difference in their administrative status, are equal.
Anthony Bernardi8/9/2023 6:43 pm
As a lay member of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), I feel it's necessary to include the parallel Dioceses setup in North & South America since the Bolshevik Revolution. The land grab from all the world Orthodox Patriarchates has been just embarrassing.
Peter Nicholas9/26/2021 7:29 am
Can a Greek Orthodox priest be married to a Roman Catholic woman? I do believe that this happens? I always thought that an ordained higher cleric like a priest and maybe even a deacon had to have control over his house and that his wife would have to convert to Orthodox Christianity in order to be ordained in the Orthodox Church. But, apparently it would seem that this might be going on.
Juan12/3/2020 11:52 am
To Fr. William: they shouldn't even be called homosexuals, but sodomites.
Fr William Bauer12/2/2020 12:11 am
Even in this article the lies creep in. for Example: LBGQ (whatever its letters) is the homosexual lobby. It should be called as it is.
Joseph Bell12/1/2020 11:04 pm
At the same time that a facade of Orthodoxy is being offered to the world and receiving it's temporary approval, there is another, I think primary issue that is driving this movement. The secularists and progressive socialists are now openly pronouncing themselves as better Christians than the true Christians. They point to progress that they are supposedly responsible for in the economic advancement of the poor, peace in many areas of the world, inclusion of many groups and the striving for at first more merit based systems, and then more equal distribution of goods and services. The problem here is that the love of many has grown cold. We are closed to outsiders and suspicious of each other as if we are in control and not God. While we are busy defending Tradition the new progressives offer their idealogy in a proactive way, and are now as enthusiastic as if it was a new religion. Lessons from the past are swept under the rug. Orthodoxy requires the Christian to be proactive as well as defensive and reactive. To do less than this is to risk being incomplete. I am not asking for self aggrandizement from our Church leaders, rather I am proposing the type of secret actions of prayer, stewardship, service to our Lord and giving of alms that are felt and not seen. From there we will witness a groundswell of legitimate support in our cause that is not only approved by the Spirit, but brought to us through active cooperation with the Holy Spirit God.
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