Cypriot Holy Synod did not unanimously recommend vaccination as was announced, Metropolitan of Morphou says

Morphou, Cyprus, December 2, 2020

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The Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus held an emergency session yesterday to discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Following the session, a communiqué was issued in which the Synod strongly recommends that the faithful receive a coronavirus vaccine if it carries the recommendation of the State Health Services, rejecting any “conspiracy theories” about the vaccine or the existence of the virus.

“Of course, no one will have to be vaccinated,” the statement reads, “but those who decide to be vaccinated should not burden their conscience with ungrounded and unscientific superstitions.”

The Holy Synod, hearing “the cry of the people and sympathizing with them because of the outbreak of a pestilential disease, which afflicts the whole of humanity, was informed by a group of epidemiologists” who informed the hierarchs about the pandemic “in all aspects” and fielded the hierarchs’ questions.

The pandemic is a challenge to man to develop his God-given talents while relying on God to do the rest. In this regard, the Synod strongly recommends that all comply with the orders of the state health services. “We restrict our freedom and rights, even as regards attending church, voluntarily, so that we can protect both ourselves and our fellow man and be free of these restrictions as soon as possible,” the Synodal statement reads.

The Synod also emphasizes that Holy Communion itself can in no way transmit any disease and that it will continue to be administered to the faithful in the traditional way. The hierarchs also remind the faithful of the need to pray and repent in order to be saved from the pandemic.

Following the publication of the communiqué, His Eminence Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou, one of the most outspoken hierarchs of the Church of Cyprus, issued his own statement, explaining his disagreement with the day’s Synodal decision.

The decision was not unanimously adopted as was announced, Met. Neophytos emphasizes.

His statement reads:

At this time, I would like to inform the pious faithful of the Holy Metropolis of Morphou and the Church of Cyprus as a whole that the announcement of the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus after today's emergency session regarding the coronavirus pandemic on the decision to recommend vaccination to the faithful was not a unanimous decision of the members of the Holy Synod as has been announced.

This is because during today’s session we met with a team of private specialists-epidemiologists to inform us but we were not asked to give an opinion on any of the subject matter. I therefore publicly express my disagreement with this communiqué which advises believers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and I retain my reservations about the contents and action of these vaccines that have been prepared and are being prepared by large pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, I consider this incentive to vaccinate to be hasty, as it is reported that the vaccines have been accepted in advance of knowing their contents, which may include artificial genetic human material and thus cause serious side effects on the human body, as well-documented studies by some scientists have pointed out.

Last month, Met. Neophytos made a proposal to increase vaccine safety control and alleviate public concerns, calling for the establishment of an independent scientific team by the Church of Cyprus to contribute to the control of all available vaccines. The team of experts would advise the Church of Cyprus in an ongoing manner on which vaccine is the safest for its flock.

In particular, the Church needs to be advised by doctors of a high Orthodox life, who work according to their conscience: “If there is no security from some doctors who have an Orthodox life and do not have connections with these global centers and institutions of the New Age, we should not accept them,” because as many people have informed him, the vaccines “will interfere with both DNA and RNA … with side effects that are frightening for the human mind, for human freedom, for human health, and with electronic human monitoring capabilities.”

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a sheep of Christ12/3/2020 8:17 am
Dear Orthodox brothers and sisters, Satan is trying to imitate God and also trying to replace God ,our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is, Lucifer the ever proud one, the beast from the Book of Revelation and his seen and unseen servants and the many traitors and Judas, who closed our Orthodox Church and who are waging a covert and fierce war against the Lamb of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who takes away the sin of the world, through His Holy Eucharist and cures us off all sickness and impurities and makes us holy and fit for the Kingdom of Heaven, where is our real everlasting place of rest and happiness, together with the Most Holy Trinity, with Mother of God, the most Holy Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary, with the Holy Prophet John the Forerunner, the Holy Apostles ,the Holy Prophets and Righteous Saints of the Old Testament and New Testament, with the Heavenly Powers and all the Saints from the beginning of time and future ones until the end of the world. Lucifer together with his seen and unseen servants want to kick out our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the Orthodox Church and also from our hearts and minds and even memories. But just like in the Garden of Eden, he knows that he has to give us something in return, just also like Judas the betrayer was offered something for his betrayal of our Lord Jesus Christ. What is Satan offering us this time for us to betray our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? The answer is: a vaccine! A vaccine one may ask? Yes, the vaccine that promises to save your life, the devil replies, smiling with arrogance, lust and pride. Forget about your Orthodox Church and the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and His Holy Eucharist, take my vaccine and you will have life here on earth, a life that you are afraid to lose and deal with your God later, whom you cannot see anyway, the devil concludes with even more arrogance and pride. The forbidden fruit it is hidden inside the Covid 19 (mRNA) vaccine (gene altering, mind control, etc) that like before in the Garden of Eden, so now, Satan is offering mankind. The cunning ancient serpent wants to pull all humanity into hell, or better said to bring hell upon all humanity, in all aspects of, mind, body and soul. Because all those who will take his mind, body and soul, altering vaccine, will slowly but surely become genetically modified and digitalized and trapped inside a virtual false "Paradise", the Digital Platform of Hell on Earth. Through mind control techniques (fear, mass deception, etc) and the brainwashing of the decayed and perverted and diabolical global mass media, through the mouths of his deluded servants, through whom devils will speak, he will say, come to my worldly paradise/matrix, look, nothing left in God`s real world. I am offering you freedom, all you have to do is to take the vaccine, then later on, a microchip on your forehead or hand through which the devil, once lured in, Satan will get full access to our mind, body and soul, by making the human body compatible to/and connect it to computers, devices and all global digital platforms, through which he can get and have full interrupted access to connect at a personal and intimate level to our mind, body and soul. After this total hijacking of our freedom that God has created us with and demonic possession and total control, the devil plans to connect us through constant delusions and inner slavery, to the global matrix of hell's, alternative reality, and present it as "Paradise" where he can rule over mankind as "God" together with his fallen angels and worldly servants: (zionists,freemasons,satanists,ecumenists,rapists,pedophiles,sodomites,mass murderess, witches, global decayed media, big pharma, etc. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us and save us!
sherlock_holmes12/3/2020 6:54 am
Motto: " A lie has short legs ! " In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou is a rare Bishop nowadays.Most likely he will be punished by the sons of this world but rewarded by Jesus Christ,our God.Every Christian should listen to him on this matter or to the Abbots with holy life." For everyone who asks receives,and he who seeks finds,and to him who knocks it will be opened " ( Matthew 7:8 ) .Our families won't take this "vaccine"-guinea pig experiment with serious consequences for our lives and salvation. Most likely the war will interrupt the diabolical plans but also the naivety of those in leadership positions. In the worst case scenario,for the week ones,the best attitude is to stay at the very end of the line up for vaccination,delaying it as much as possible,just pretending to take it ( to avoid some pressure ),until the war or natural disaster ...come and stop it.( God knows )
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