Archbishop Michael (OCA) serves moleben in front of Brooklyn abortion clinic (+VIDEO)

New York, February 26, 2021

Photo: Orthodox Christians for Life Photo: Orthodox Christians for Life     

On Saturday, February 20, His Eminence Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey of the Orthodox Church in America served a moleben for an end to abortion in front of Planned Parenthood’s abortuary in Brooklyn, Orthodox Christians for Life informed OrthoChristian.

Volunteers from the newly-revived Orthodox Christians for Life arrived early and held a sign informing those considering abortion that free help is available, as well as an icon of the Mother of God of the Inexhaustible Cup. The police soon arrived and asked the participants to move 25 feet away, which is why the moleben was held across the street.

In his sermon, Abp. Michael noted that even though the number of abortions in the U.S. has dropped in recent years, there are still hundreds of thousands of babies who lose their lives before birth annually. The state of New York leads in percentage terms on a national scale, second only to the District of Columbia.

Photo: Orthodox Christians for Life Photo: Orthodox Christians for Life     

His Eminence also emphasized that New York is the only city that provides funding for abortions. In this regard, Abp. Michael highlighted that Orthodox Christians have a lot of work ahead, and asked God’s blessing upon the volunteers gathered for the moleben, and proclaimed many years to the participants from Orthodox Christians for Life.

The fact that young adults gathered for the moleben and that the young generation is generally more pro-life is good grounds to be more optimistic for the future, Vladyka Michael said.

Watch a video of His Eminence’s sermon:

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The prayerful protestors received support from people in the area. One woman passing by even made a donation to the cause.

Orthodox Christians for Life also held a prayerful protest outside the Manhattan Planned Parenthood site in January, and invites all to join in future prayer services and other activities to protect the unborn and help pregnant women avoid the sin of murdering their children.

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Mikhail3/1/2021 10:43 pm
Dimitri, None of your justifications hold any water. It's very simple. I child was killed. Sometimes he/she ends up as part of the vaccine....and sometimes he/she ends up as part of the pre-trials of the vaccine. The intentional murder was evil when it happened...and it is still evil today. I will call out the silence of the bishops each and every time...they are not beyond reproach. Here is a good patristic article for you to read:
Dimitri 3/1/2021 7:01 pm
Mikhail and Herman, Stop creating mistrust of our bishops. First of all, the vaccine does not contain any aborted babies’ cells. I hope you understand the difference between testing and using in manufacturing. Second of all, no one bishop told that using of aborted babies in testing is good. Moreover, Archbishop Michael has responded to this evil in the most appropriate way - he protested against abortions right in front of an abortuary. Third of all, everyone who is against abortions should do the same thing Archbishop Michael did - go to abortion clinic and peacefully and lawfully protest against murders. To sow distrust of our fathers in Christ is absolutely destructive and inappropriate thing to do. Forth of all, learn history of schism and sects. Their founders always used some details taken out of context. That’s what you do. You should know that any pharmacy sells abortive contraception but you don’t refuse to refill your prescription at those pharmacies just because you don’t have any other choice. Even large supermarkets like Target have on their shelves so called ‘next morning pills’. But you don’t ignore that businesses, do you? And not mention that the babies killed by abortion in our hospitals are used for medical researches, but you don’t ignore hospitals if you need medical help for yourself. But same time why are you teaching and judging the whole church and our hierarchy?
Mikhail3/1/2021 12:27 am
Let's hope that this courageous bishop can find the courage to defend Orthodox teaching and come out against these experimental so-called vaccines which use aborted fetal tissue lines. It is sad to see so many Orthodox Christians attempting to justify this horror. In fact, we have bishops and priests doing photo ops of themselves getting the vaccine. Truly we live in end times.
Dean Calvert2/28/2021 3:46 am
May our good Lord bless this courageous bishop! We need MORE courageous Orthodox bishops in this more than ever! Meanwhile, Bishop Paul of Chicago (also OCA) suspends one of his priests for attending the Trump rally on Jan 06. How's that for a contrast?
Herman2/26/2021 7:51 pm
You can't be against abortion, and then, turn around and take a drug that was produced with the assistance of aborted fetal cells. It's contradictory. If it's wrong to take the life of a child, even at the embryonic stage (at this point the embryo has a soul, and is considered to be a person) then it is wrong afterwards to slice apart the human remains and begin performing medical experiments on them. The vaccine industry is very closely related to the abortion industry. If you want abortion to end, you can't simultaneously be attempting to benefit from the abortion of a child. The demand for new drugs, new experiments, new vaccines, new cell lines, etc. means Orthodox Christians need to be firmly opposed to the usage of aborted fetal cells/embryonic human tissue in the medical industry - and should not be endorsing or using products that were produced with or tested on them. The remains of these people should be receiving a proper burial, not used to create experimental, genetically modified substances. This is an ethical issue, despite what some of our bishops are telling us, and it is a very serious one.
Mikhail2/26/2021 6:55 pm
Does anyone know where Archbishop Michael stands on the COVID vaccines which use aborted fetal tissue for the pretrial testing?
Art Samouris2/26/2021 5:10 pm
God bless them and their work.
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