COVID vaccines present best ethical option despite use of fetal cells, says Orthodox Theological Society in America

U.S.A., March 25, 2021

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The Orthodox Theological Society in America has issued a document, “Covid-19 vaccines: How they are made and how they work to prime the immune system to fight SARS-CoV2,” addressing a number of frequently asked questions concerning the safety and ethics of the coronavirus vaccines that have been or are being developed.

According to the Society’s website, “The purpose of the Orthodox Theological Society in America is to promote and coordinate the work of Orthodox theology, cultivate fellowship among Orthodox theologians and those engaged in related disciplines, serve as a resource for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States, and engage non-Orthodox theologians interested in Orthodox theology.”

The Society includes such well-known figures as Fr. John Jillions, Dr. Peter Bouteneff, Dr. Aristotle Papnikolaou, Gregory Tucker, Dr. Brandon Gallaher, Dr. Paul Ladouceur, Dr. David Bradshaw, Dr. Gayle E. Woloschak, and many others.

The document, prepared by Society members, addresses questions such as, “Which vaccine should I get?”, “Have the mRNA vaccines relied on fetal cells at any point?”, “Are the vaccines unethical because of the use of aborted fetal cells?”, “Is it possible to insert a microchip into the Covid-19 vaccine?”, “Do I still need to wear a mask after I receive the Covid-19 vaccine?”, “Will the vaccine change my DNA?” and many more.

The document begins urging people to receive the vaccine they are offered:

The goal of all vaccines is the same: to activate the immune system to be prepared to fight against the actual infectious agent (e.g. a virus) should the individual become infected. If we take the approach to never miss an opportunity to vaccinate, we will more easily end this pandemic. Because vaccines are a safe way to prevent viral infections, including Covid-19, physicians and scientists generally recommend that individuals take the authorized vaccine that s/he is being offered. In special circumstances such as pregnancy or immunocompromised individuals, a doctor should be consulted.

Regarding the use of fetal cells, the document notes that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and others were not made from fetal cells that came from an abortion, but “were tested in culture against fetal cells to help ensure that they would not harm a fetus as well as to ensure that the technology works in a human cell.” The Society emphasizes that the cells trace to abortions from the 1960s and 70s and that “no new fetuses have been sacrificed since that time for any vaccine tests.”

Meanwhile, many non-mRNA vaccines are “grown using the same fetal cell line,” the document notes, as were the Rubella and chicken-pox vaccines used in the United States.

While many are concerned about the ethics of using such vaccines, the Society writes that, “Several significant factors lead to the conclusion that the vaccines present the best ethical option to promote health and life, despite their connection with the use of aborted fetal cells.” The cells are from abortions decades ago, that were not performed for the sake of developing vaccines; many vaccines in use in the U.S. and worldwide are made from these cells, as other cell lines have proven ineffective for growing vaccines; and “Most Church leaders have agreed that the many lives saved by vaccination are an important factor in permitting the use of these vaccines,” the Society writes.

For more information on the morality of the cell lines, the document points to a recent summit held by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, a statement from the Vatican, and a statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

According to the document, a mask must still be worn even after a person has received a vaccine: “Yes. The reason for this is because the endpoint or goal of the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials were to prevent severe Covid-19. Therefore, we do not yet know whether the vaccine will prevent transmission of virus. However, we will find out soon.”

Microchips cannot be inserted into the vaccines, the vaccines cannot alter DNA, and the vaccines are safe despite how quickly they were developed, the Society writes in response to these popular questions.

The document also addresses many other issues about how vaccines work, their efficacy, and for whom they are safe to take.

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Bonnie9/17/2021 6:16 am
How smug and self righteous… deciding that millions should die because of your ‘principle’ on a tissue from the 1960’s?! OK, line up your children, your parents and let them die because there might be… not positive…might be a bit of 50 year old fetal tissue that has been reproduced a zillion times for testing purposes. Let them all die. You have your principles. If the suffer, it’s so worth it! I have a friend walking around with an oxygen pack trying to stay alive. Might need a lung transplant. Didn’t think a vaccine was a good idea until he almost died. If you think abortion is sin, it isn’t your sin. If my friend gets a lung transplant from a sinner he won’t receive that person’s sin… just the lungs. Use your brains!
Nicole4/17/2021 6:31 pm
For the vulnerable (for whom we Orthodox are particularly concerned as was Christ) there is something inexpensive, safe, and effective to offer. Please become aware. The medical community at large is not because of censorship and the culture of death long at work in our culture which has permeated medicine as well. Big Pharma and allies have bought their into control of media and research. Please educate yourselves and those you love about the option of safe, generic, repurposed medicines and supplements which are highly effective in killing the infection before it moves to damage organs in the vulnerable. No, there should not be lockdowns due to the detrimental effect of them on all, but yes we Orthodox should loving protect the vulnerable by sharing this information and insisting that our medical societies and the NIH, CDC focus on the elegant solution which has zero ethical downside. Please see, please, especially Orthodox priests and clergy. Lord have mercy if we who love icons of Christ ignore His beautiful gift to us.
Michael4/2/2021 2:13 am
Herman: I have tried to explain the issue to you numerous times in various ways, but you resolutely refuse to acknowledge the general principle at work here, or to say anything about it. So let me try with a simple and direct question instead: Do you believe that it is sinful to save lives using a technology that was developed using unethical research in the past (at any point in the past, regardless how long ago)? Yes or no?
sherlock_holmes3/30/2021 9:36 pm
@ Deborah, I like your message. You said " I have no knowledge of The Orthodox Theological Society in America." This is good news. Some of them, at least one from the Fordham University is talking about homoerotic desire and the Jesus prayer while doing yoga:... Is he reading the Old and New Testament ?! About your last words:...The World War 3 will bring a lot of destruction but not the destruction of the world. I personally believe the prophecies of the last Greek Saints and holy fathers that say that after the war an old emperor and Saint Ioannis Vatatzis will rule Greece and the orthodox people, maybe a tsar will rule Russia and the Gospel will be spread in a orthodox way throughout the world. This will give us some extra 30 good years on this earth. After that, other wars and the last and uninterrupted global dictatorship and the quickly end. So you are right, we are seeing the beginning of the end times...As Andre Malraux said : the 21st century will be religious or won’t be !...( meaning it won't end, I think )
sherlock_holmes3/30/2021 8:07 pm
I think the global dictatorship is been advancing at a rapid pace. An interesting fiction about the future ... a good site, with many articles about Covid 1984...
Herman3/30/2021 6:37 pm
Michael: you are not understanding this issue properly. This is a BIOETHICAL question. That word means - "the ethics of medical and biological research." It has already been established that the usage of aborted fetal cells in medical research and development is UNETHICAL (I cited the Synodal statements from both the Russian and Greek Churches in an earlier comment below). However, now, we have numerous conflicting statements from bishops and clergy that are saying that these SPECIFIC vaccines are OK to use for one of two reasons - (1) they are ethical because the connection to abortion is "remote", or (2) they are NOT ethical, but, we don't have anything else so go ahead and use them. Pick which one of those two diametrically opposed justifications works best for you. Both of these two positions are wrong. This is the issue. This is about abortion, specifically. Read Fr. Alexis' comment below again. If we actually lived in a Christian society, then abortion would be illegal, and we wouldn't even be having this conversation, because testing your vaccine on a cell line that was derived from aborted cells would be ILLEGAL. As Christians we have to live in the world - we have to use money, we have a government, we have to go to the DMV, etc. You can never be "pure" of evil while you walk on the earth, having evil in your own heart, in your sinful fallen nature. We live in a fallen world. This is what we are trying to overcome in our Christian life, to become free from sin, not to construct faulty theological positions in the attempt to justify our sins. I think it is safe to say that Orthodoxy views abortion as a particularly grievous and terrible sin. It is the deliberate murder of an unborn child, one of the worst crimes a person can possibly commit. This is the case for every individual abortion, but even more so for a massive industry that actually profits from and uses the body parts of the aborted children as specimens in research projects. There is no possible reason for any Christian to use a drug that was produced in such a way. The root of these vaccines is death - the fruit cannot be life. This is why you are seeing so much pushback in the comments against this fake "study" released by this fake Orthodox group - because they are claiming that it is either OK to do something unethical, or they are claiming that an unethically produced vaccine is, in fact somehow, ethical.
Mikhail3/30/2021 6:05 pm
That is a nonsensical argument dear John. Just because the abortion happened in the 1970's does not mean that using the aborted fetal cell tissues today is any less culpable. have free will. If your conscience allows, go get your vaccine. You will have to render me unconscious to shoot that poison abortion vaccine into my arm. Accusing people of following "protestant" doctrine because they reject these immoral vaccines, is pathetic. I thank God that my spiritual father (of the Athonite tradition) has directed me to steer clear of this abomination. I will make sure to let him know that you say he is following protestant doctrines.
John3/30/2021 1:20 pm
@Mikhail I agree abortion is murder, and I support punishment as murderers both for the hitman (doctor) and the woman who hires him. That doesn't mean every person who comes thereafter is also a murderer. That is Protestant original sin doctrine.
Mikhail3/30/2021 3:56 am
John: I don't care what you do with your pro life bona fides. Abortion is murder. You will be judged like every one else.
Michael3/29/2021 9:08 pm
Here is what I do not understand: Why do you insist on rejecting ONLY vaccines, and not also all other inventions and technologies that have the same type of connection with cell lines derived from murdered people (I say "murdered people" so it is clear that I am not downplaying the fact that abortion is murder), or with human experimentation, or which were originally invented and developed by genocidal regimes, or which are made using materials obtained from warlords or totalitarian dictators, etc. etc.? If your argument were correct, then we should reject the majority of modern technology. And that is indeed possible. There are people in the world who do that. But we (you and me) are here writing on a website... And if you are reading this on a phone, then that phone almost certainly contains microchips made with rare earth metals (look it up), which are obtained from warlords in the Congo or nearby regions of Central Africa. Warlords that use child soldiers and commit atrocities. You see what I mean? Cell phones are also connected with murder, in that they contain some materials bought from murderers. So I would be more inclined to agree with you if I saw people seriously and consistently sticking to this principle that "all technology developed or tested in a way that benefited from someone's murder should not be used". But I do not see anyone sticking to that principle. I only see people picking one or two specific technologies to oppose, and ignoring the rest. So my conclusion is that no one seriously believes the principle that you claim to believe.
John3/29/2021 8:28 pm
@Mikhail I would put my pro-life bona fides against anyone's. An ordinary person is not responsible for the entire chain of succession of sins from the beginning of the world that brought about everything they do in their lives. The logical conclusion of that is Original Sin, which is a Western heresy, that each person is personally responsible for Adam's sin. Orthodoxy does not teach this.
Popsy3/29/2021 9:49 am
@Michael: An elder priest that suffered torture in the communist prisons wrote a very interesting advice (cite from memory): <<NEVER agree with the devil. I wouldn't even put my signature alongside devil's signature on a piece of paper stating "God exists">>. That's how strongly they believed that the devil can trick and deceit us. You're trying very hard to defend the use of fetal cells obtained from aborted babies in the making/testing of vaccines (or "vaccines"). As someone else asked before: are these scientists who developed/tested the vaccines walking with God? Our ultimate goal shouldn't be the preservation of health by any means possible, but the soul's salvation. May God help us!
Popsy3/29/2021 7:23 am
Here's a link to a list of 31 reasons why the "vaccines" shouldn't be accepted (at least the mRNA ones). It was compiled by a Jewish man (rabbi, I think)and is -obviously- his opinion: May God help us!
Mikhail3/28/2021 3:48 pm
Michael: I am not telling you what to do. You have free will. I am simply saying that the vaccines are linked to abortion...and abortion is murder. I am not causing the guilt. The guilt is your own. You will answer to God...not me.
Michael3/28/2021 11:31 am
Herman: But the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines - the most commonly used covid vaccines by far - were not developed using HEK-293 cells. They were tested using HEK-293 cells. In other words, first the vaccines were created, without the use of HEK-293 or any other cell lines from murdered people. But later, after the vaccines already existed, they were tested using HEK-293 cells. Is the *testing* of a certain medical treatment on HEK-293 cells a sufficient reason to reject that treatment? Our bishops are saying no, that is not a reason to reject such a treatment. And I can see why. After all, suppose that someone decided to start testing aspirin on HEK-293 cells tomorrow. Should we therefore stop taking aspirin? No. Aspirin already existed without the tests and before the tests. The fact that it got tested on HEK-293 cells does not somehow "taint" it. Perhaps it should not have been tested in that way and the people who performed the tests committed a sin; but even so, this does not "taint" the medicine itself, making it unfit for use. Now, with regard to the article you linked from the blog "Mind of the Fathers": I did read it, and I found it utterly unconvincing because it is based on jumping to conclusions. Neither St. Basil, nor St. John Chrysostom, nor even H.T. Englehart, spoke against any vaccines or against any kinds of medical treatments in particular. St. Basil is quoted in the article as saying that medicine is good but we should not obsess over it or let it take over our lives. St. John Chrysostom says that the ends do not justify the means. H.T. Englehart says that secular culture denies the importance of faith. Okay. Yes. That is all true. But then it is the author of the blog - and ONLY the author of the blog - that connects all these ideas to covid vaccines. I reject his arguments as absurd and do not see a connection. I also raise the charge of hypocrisy against all those who take an absolutist stance on covid vaccines but do not take the same stance in opposition to all the other modern technologies that could be considered "tainted" using the same logic. If being tested on HEK-293 cells renders covid vaccines unfit for use, then we must also say that any other product or technology that was unethically tested either in the present or in the past should not be used. And if we took seriously this principle, then we would have to reject almost all modern technology as "tainted" by unethical experiments or unethical connections. For example, the first working jet airplanes were designed and developed by the Nazis. So were the first long-range rockets. Now we use those inventions (rockets) to do things like put satellites in orbit that provide us with internet connections and GPS. Should we not use those things, or anything else similarly "tainted"? Is anyone here willing to say that?
Deborah3/28/2021 12:22 am
I have been reading this comment string with great interest. I have no knowledge of The Orthodox Theological Society in America. I did, however, look up their website and found a link to the document that is referenced in this article. Here is that link: The document refers to the CDC numerous times and also contains some of the same info I have seen in media reports about the safety, efficacy, etc. of these so-called vaccines. This looks to me like CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma propaganda and not at all an independently researched article. My personal belief is that these so-called vaccines are unethical and being pushed on people globally not as a way to end this pandemic, if we are to believe this is truly a pandemic, but to see how much people will accept. As Christians we must be wary, we must watch out for the wolf in sheep's clothing. There is an entire wolf pack running rampant through the world. They are disguising themselves as caring government officials, doctors, pharmaceutical companies. They have mastered the use of fear of a disease to control the entire world. In my church we are required to wear a mask, social distance, put our names on a list for each service so we can be contact traced in case someone tests positive. We cannot congregate inside church to speak with each other but must go outside. We no longer have coffee hour. The church must be sanitized after each service. We cannot kiss the icons, only bow. I am grateful that we can at least attend church now, it is open, but it feels very different. I do however attend as often as I can. I am truly afraid that at some point we may be required to be vaccinated to attend. I pray that I am wrong. We recently celebrated St Theodore Saturday. There was an attempt to deceive and contaminate Christians with blood sprinkled on the food in the market during a time of fasting. I believe this is happening now. What an ingenious way to deceive Christians! The demons are patient. Use medicine to contaminate us. Take decades to build trust in vaccines. Use a virus to control the population with fear, announce that there is a way to save lives. They aren't even trying to hide the fact that fetal cells are used in these products. It is announced right in front of our eyes. Oh, but it's okay because it is life-saving. Our bishops and clergy do not have the time to do their own research into vaccines, they are advised by doctors, etc. They get their information from the CDC and local governments. There are no micro-chips, yet; but the technology is available. That is yet to come. This goes in steps. St. Theodore, please pray for the people who have unknowingly taken the poison, and help the rest of us to resist the wolves. One more comment, as a 60-year-old woman who has lived in the US my entire life, I as probably most people, have always thought that World War III would bring the destruction of the world and the second coming of our Lord. I no longer think that. I think we are seeing the beginning of the end times. We will be controlled by technology and biomedicine, and most people will welcome it.
Herman3/27/2021 5:22 pm
Michael: I'm not saying we should "ignore" our bishops. Did I say that? No, I did not. In fact, I said that we should listen to the bishops - the statements of the Synod of Bishops of Moscow, and Greece, both of which only 20 years ago made rather definitive statements on this issue. Here they are: "Denouncing abortion as a cardinal sin, the [Orthodox] Church cannot find any justification for it either even if someone may possibly benefit from the destruction of a conceived human life." - Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church (2000). A bit more about that: "Furthermore, the Russian Church considers it ethically unacceptable to use cell lines derived from human embryonic tissue to develop vaccines, Fr. Theodore writes. HEK-293, derived from human embryonic kidneys, has become widespread in cell biology, Fr. Theodore notes, but the Russian Church recognizes the embryo as a human and considers abortion to be murder, as detailed in the Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church." - Here's the statement from the Greek Church: "Our Church expresses its categorical opposition to performing experiments on human embryonic cells. Such experimentation entails the destruction, not of embryonic cells, but of human embryos. The view that the human person begins to be formed from the fourteenth day after conception may provide British scientists with an alibi, but, being scholastic in origin and not scientifically based, it constitutes a subjective belief and an arbitrary opinion. The Church and the Christian conscience accept the human being as a person with an eternal and immortal aspect from the moment of his conception. The distinctions between people are constantly increasing. Everything points to the fact that our societies are not openly 'eugenic' and racist. However, the attempt to improve life cannot involve the destruction of millions of human beings at the embryonic stage." - Holy Synod of the Church of Greece (press release of 8/17/00). Also, I'm not suggesting that we listen to any blog. Again, did I say that? No, I did not. I said we should follow the Holy Fathers. If you READ the contents of that ONE article that I linked (did you bother to read it?) you would see that it presents an extremely solid Patristic case for the UNETHICAL nature of these vaccines. We have the input of an Orthodox bioethicist, HT Engelhardt, and the words of St. Basil and St. John Chrysostom, along with links for further research. You bring up the Old Believer schism (which is a bad example that does not apply here) - but what about St. Maximos the Confessor, or St. Mark of Ephesus? All of the bishops were against them too, but they did not go into schism. If we love Christ and His Church, we will remain faithful to Him no matter what. The fact that we have certain bishops (no, not all - many bishops are speaking out against these vaccines, and this website has published a number of articles detailing this) promoting vaccination, or ecumenism, or whatever else, is not a good reason to go into schism from the Church. There is never a good reason to do that. There have even been entire councils of bishops that have been deemed "robber's councils" and rejected when they taught something contrary to the Faith. This is why we ALL need to follow the Holy Fathers - you, me, our clergy, our bishops, everyone - this is something that I cannot overstate.
Lucia3/27/2021 12:10 pm
Mikhail, just curious: You must be a pro-life activist. What have you done to help stop abortions? Helping women in trouble? Donating to crisis pregnancy centers? Talking with teenagers about chastity? You are intent upon making people feel guilty who get vaccinated or want to vaccinate their elderly family members so that they don't die of COVID. But are you so zealous about making men feel guilty about getting women pregnant and then forcing them to have abortions or just dumping them? If we all lived like true Christians there would be no abortions.
Michael3/27/2021 10:58 am
Mikhail: You are free to boycott any products you like, but you are not free to claim that all Orthodox Christians should do as you do, unless you have at least one statement from a bishop, a Holy Synod, a respected monastery - anyone - saying that we should boycott PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Solae, or Nestle. "Murder is murder" does not mean "we must refrain from using anything that is in any way connected with a murder, no matter how remote the connection". When a man is murdered, usually someone will inherit his house, his car, his money and other things, and they will not burn them all or decide not to use them because "we cannot benefit from a murder". It is the same thing here. Utrecht: You are the one citing "experts from the secular world" - namely that Pamela person. Meanwhile, every bishop that has spoken on the issue has said that the covid vaccines are fine and the faithful are free to receive them. Do we believe that our bishops are guided by the Holy Spirit, or do we not? Are we Orthodox, or are we Protestants? Herman: So you're saying that we should ignore our bishops because they're "ignorant of the issue" and that we should instead listen to - what, a blog that calls itself "Mind of the Fathers"? This is the exact same logic of the Old Believer schismatics from the 17th century. When all the bishops were against them, they simply said that all the bishops were wrong and went into schism. Because they "knew better" than all the bishops, you see.
Mikhail3/27/2021 5:39 am
Hey John, your argument is weak. Why, you ask? Because all the silly examples you offered involve people who were permitted to be born. We are talking about God's holy innocent voiceless ones...those without a choice who were murdered in the womb. Shame on you!
Mikhail3/26/2021 7:13 pm
Gary Cox: PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Solae, and Nestle helped to fund research and development at Senomyx which was reported to be using abortion related testing for food flavoring. This was revealed a few years ago and I do not know if it is continuing. Since that time, I have been boycotting products from those companies. The answer to your question is not to be a hypocrite. Abortion is abortion. Murder is murder. Michael: It does not matter how watered down the cells have become from the abortions in the 1970's. Abortion is abortion. Murder is murder.
Herman3/26/2021 6:45 pm
Gary Cox: if we ate organic non-processed food, the way God designed it, and the way that human beings have eaten for all of our history until a few decades ago, then we wouldn't need chemical food flavorings, would we? The very concept is disgusting and absurd. But no one is conducting a massive propaganda campaign in order to force the entire human population to eat food flavoring (well, except for virtually the entire food industry, but I don't think the point of that is to specifically get people to eat food flavoring). There are no digital passports being created to prove that I ate some food flavoring in order to travel, or go to a store, or go to school, or continue to be employed, etc. I'm not being told that if I refuse to eat food flavoring, I'm selfish and a conspiracy theorist, and dangerous, and guilty of not loving my neighbor, or something along those lines... There aren't pseudo-Orthodox "societies" getting together to explain to me that eating food flavoring tested on aborted fetal cells is ethical. We've already known for years that many products, including vaccines, are created with embryonic fetal tissue - it's always been an ethical problem. Always. But now, world governments are starting to push to make one of these types of vaccines mandatory, and we suddenly have Orthodox people attempting to pretend that there is no ethical issue here, or, that "it's not ethical but it's the best we got" which is a hideous viewpoint. Many of our bishops are ignorant of the issue, and are simply following CDC and WHO directives. Some of them are being recruited by their governments to promote the vaccines. This is a fatal mistake. Some of them will now be following reports like this one, from these Fordhamite modernists. Therefore, in this case, no, we can't just simply "rely on our bishops" to guide us, if they are going to be urging us to take this drug (or going on TV and taking it themselves!), then they are guiding us AWAY from the Orthodox Faith and towards the New World Order. Who do we follow, then? We follow the Tradition of the Church and we follow the Holy Fathers, as we always have -
Utrecht3/26/2021 6:17 pm
Thanks Michael, its good to know the experts of the secular world are telling me its ok to reject Christ and His teachings, His Church, His Saints and His Commandments because you have fallen for a lie. Pamela Acker, author, biologist and vaccine expert spent nine months in a lab to perform vaccine research on the use of HEK-293 cell line. According to the author, HEK-293 stands for "Human Embryonic Kidney" and that the number "293" refers to the number of experiments done to develop the cell line. What Acker reveals next is quite a shock to pro-life groups. "It doesn't mean there were two hundred and ninety-three abortions, but for two hundred and ninety-three experiments, you would certainly need far more than one abortion. We're talking probably hundreds of abortions," Acker shared.
Utrecht3/26/2021 6:15 pm
These vaccines "prevent severe Covid" - so they are a treatment of symptoms, not a prevention of transmission or a vaccine to create herd immunity. What does this line mean: "Therefore, we do not yet know whether the vaccine will prevent transmission of virus. However, we will find out soon.” So the vaccine will not prevent transmission, and they still want people who had Covid to get this treatment for "severe" Covid? Forgive me, but this is horror: "Well its ok, we can't be hypocrites! We stand on murder and unethical behavior already!" This is rationalization for anti Christ behavior, if you wish to purposefully spit on God, His Church, His Commandments, His Saints, and His Holy Fathers then be honest with what you are saying. Repent and ask God to enlighten you for wisdom. Be very very clear as to what you are saying in your heart, and not with pseudo word tricks as if God is a dullard who can't hear you and me very clearly: "Yes my Lord, they were already harvested alive, then their organs, while alive were ripped out of their body Lord. Those organs were chopped up and drove the policy making for legal abortion for decades and hundreds of millions dead, yes Lord. Yes Lord, even now this endorsement over decades has now resulted in post-full-term birth murder of babies, but we are very, very concerned about our physical well being Lord, and very scared and have not used your past Living Saints as examples of what the Church should do during plague. Yes Lord, the survival rate is 99%, and after we are all treated with this treatment which does not provide immunity, we will slowly open Your Churches which we have shut down over our physical well being. Our convenience matters more then worshiping and obeying You Lord. Lord, we have so much science and PHDs now, we have no need for the early Church Fathers and Saints. Lord, did not we do the greater good by murdering babies who nobody wanted anyway?" Additionally, this is untrue! All of it! These are not "the only" and "old cells" being used! You are blinded by the ruler of this world who promises you health and salvation as long as you reject Christ. What part of "you used to not know, and now you do, so stop sinning" is confusing? >> Pamela Acker, author, biologist and vaccine expert spent nine months in a lab to perform vaccine research on the use of HEK-293 cell line. According to the author, HEK-293 stands for "Human Embryonic Kidney" and that the number "293" refers to the number of experiments done to develop the cell line. "It doesn't mean there were two hundred and ninety-three abortions, but for two hundred and ninety-three experiments, you would certainly need far more than one abortion. We're talking probably hundreds of abortions," Acker shared. >> You think this is unique? You think they tell you the truth? Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us.
John3/26/2021 4:49 pm
Perhaps knowledge really was the Curse. If we didn't have the ability to manipulate and program cells, we wouldn't have this ethical dilemma. People would die younger, but we'd also be more innocent. But as it stands, unless people go into the wilderness and live off the land, we are all participating in certain evils every day, whether by eating, wearing clothes, using computers and phones, or by receiving medical treatment. Does using an end product make one morally responsible for everything that brought that product into existence? Is a bishop morally responsible for the evils of the diamond industry because he wears a mitre covered with diamonds? Is the chalice on your church altar evil because of the circumstances under which the gold was mined? Is your prayer book evil because of the sins of those who printed it? I think not. Is this a sort of Donatism? The world is fallen and continues to fall, but that does not make everyone collectively responsible for every sin. We will be judged mostly for the choices we make over matters we can control. Someone is responsible for aborting that child and cloning its cells, but not the 80 year old grandmother getting a vaccine so she can be allowed to see her family. That is how I see it anyway.
Michael3/26/2021 11:17 am
Paissy: The original cells from the babies murdered 50 years ago also died a long time ago. Cells don't live that long. What they have today are cells derived from cells derived from cells derived from cells derived from cells from the babies murdered 50 years ago. So the argument is that the connection with those abortions from the 1970s has become very distant. And soon, we will get to the point where all people complicit in those murders from the 1970s have themselves died of old age.
Gary Cox3/26/2021 7:57 am
We need to be careful not to be hypocritical. Food companies use the cloned cells from a murdered baby to test their food flavorings. Are we going to stop buying all food from the stores because of them using a murdered baby to see if their food tastes good? Are we going to grow ALL our food so as to not to be a part of it? Also we harvest organs from people who have been murdered to extend someone else's life. Is there a difference? This baby WAS MURDERED but not for the purpose of donor organs ( stem cells) etc. What do we do? I think we realize this is an issue much bigger than ourselves and we rely on our Bishops to guide us!
Mikhail3/26/2021 6:12 am
This mound of steaming cow manure is certainly not theology. These are the same clowns who have been pushing for things like recognition of gay marriage and deaconesses. They like to meet regularly and stroke each other's egos. Whatever they say, Orthodox Christians have to do the opposite. Lord have mercy!
David3/26/2021 3:28 am
It is good to ask questions about the vaccine, but I think there also needs to be perspective. A large part of our medical knowledge was gained through illicit and immoral means (human testing, grave robbing, dissection, and probably even hushed abortions that were "undocumented"-----medical research was rather ghoulish "back in the day"). Is there are "statute of limitations" on outrage? How far can we take this line of reasoning? Many medical procedures and methods would be in the dock in that case. It doesn't make any of it "right," but it is not as clear cut as some may say.
Matthew3/26/2021 2:17 am
It is interesting that "other [non-foetal] cell lines have proven ineffective for growing vaccines" and it makes one wonder what spiritual principles are at play here. In such a scheme of things, must a sacrifice be made to Moloch for the bodily health of others?
James3/26/2021 2:08 am
When something purporting to be 'Orthodox' has a picture of Carrie Frost at the top, you can be sure it's anything but. These people are not authorities, and in many cases are neither 'theologians' nor orthodox.
Trevor3/26/2021 1:45 am
Church fathers didn't hesitate to mock those who persisted in lies and deception, maybe we should begin to do the same.
Basil3/26/2021 12:19 am
Well-known? More like notorious. Only Dr. Bradshaw has any Orthodox credibility here. One of them is a man 'married' to a former hieromonk, for God's sake. How did things degenerate this far?
Fr. Alexis3/25/2021 11:29 pm
Also, let us not be fooled. Using "cell lines" from aborted children long ago was just the beginning. Not only is the larger medical community now arguing that this is normal and right, they are saying its the only way and without this, we wouldn't have been able to save millions of folks through vaccination. Add to this, they are now saying that fetal tissue from abortion children is just as important and without using the tissue of aborted children in all kinds of research, we wouldn't be able to have necessary medical breakthroughs to continue to fight diseases around the globe. Along with PP selling tissues and organs from aborted children (of course they now claim things like, it's not really a child and those aren't really lungs or a heart), it should be clear that a demonic machine is at work here. The larger medical community is actually saying "abortion is good because otherwise we wouldn't have had the tissue, cell lines, and organs necessary to do research or save lives." Lord have mercy! How sad to have those who claim to be of the Church glossing over this in favor of a worldly narrative. I pray we wake up to the demonic delusion.
Herman3/25/2021 10:50 pm
George: thank you for leaving such a great comment. If you do contact these people, it may be helpful to show them this report from John Hopkins, displaying for everyone that the total death toll of 2020 is not increased over the average death toll of any given year -
Paissy 3/25/2021 9:14 pm
The babies were murdered 50 years ago so therefor its OK go use the cells? Does murder become OK once enough time has passed?
Alexander Leitner3/25/2021 8:12 pm
Orthodox theological society...with female theologians without hair cover....What is the outcome? I guess nothing Orthodox
Dimitri3/25/2021 6:46 pm
Herman3/25/2021 6:33 pm
But no one knows yet if these drugs are going to save lives or not. Save us from what? This virus has over a 99% survival rate... They speak as if the life-saving quality of these drugs is an established fact. It's not. They don't even know if these vaccines are supposed to prevent transmission or not. Why are Orthodox people urging other Orthodox people to take drugs that were rushed through production, skipped testing phases, and only approved for emergency use? Especially when these drugs are not vaccines per se, but a new form of genetic therapy (mRNA created from a computer-generated genome sequence (because the COVID-19 virus has still NEVER been isolated in a laboratory), forcing your body to create spike proteins - the PROTEINS are the problem, NOT the mRNA which is supposed to "degrade" but the question is what are these GMO proteins going to do? This question is being consistently avoided). Especially now, when an abnormally large amount of vaccine-related adverse side effects and DEATHS are being reported? If Gayle Woloschak and this modernist "society" tells my perfectly healthy Orthodox mom to go get a vaccine, and then she dies from it, can I hold Gayle responsible (in the same way that certain bishops are attempting to hold priests responsible if one of their parishioners gets sick)? Is my mom's death then just "collateral damage" or something in the fight to eradicate the VIRUS? Why are these Orthodox people in such a hurry to place so much trust in these corrupt and criminal pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer - the maker of Viagra! Johnson&Johnson's subsidiary Janssen - makers of OxyContin!, a drug that has killed almost as many Americans as McDonald's has)??? Please I urge and beg my fellow Orthodox brothers and sisters - do NOT receive any of these shots. You don't need it. It's not going to protect you from anything. These vaccines are NOT ethical. None of the reasons they provide for their argument that these drugs are ethical make any sense. It doesn't matter how long ago the abortions happened. It doesn't matter how many other drugs use embryonic fetal tissue. It doesn't matter if more abortions are required or not. The Synod of Bishops of both Moscow AND Greece have put out definitive statements, stating clearly that the usage of embryonic fetal tissue in medicine is UNETHICAL, but now everyone is ignoring that and inventing their own bizarre "theological" positions. Did you not notice that the largest propaganda campaign in human history is being conducted right now in order to bribe, threaten, shame, bully, and force the entire global population into getting these substances injected into their bodies? There is no open debate that is allowed on this topic. Anyone that so much as questions the safety and efficacy of any of these drugs is immediately banned and censored. Is this current virus (or whatever it is) truly that big of a global threat that we need to be going through this kind of global vaccination campaign with new, experimental, potentially dangerous and lethal drugs? What conclusions are we supposed to draw from this? Not once does this pdf report mention FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT, and with statements like this in support of these drugs, they are making it more and more difficult for an Orthodox person to be able to get a religious exemption to any of these vaccines. Forgive me for this long comment. Well, here's an Orthodox bioethicist (HT Englehardt) that disagrees with the findings of this "society", and presents the truly and unequivocally Orthodox position on this matter -
George3/25/2021 5:24 pm
I am thinking about contacting this group to see if they also have an opinion on why the majority of people who have been infected with this virus have recovered naturally on their own prior to the availability of a vaccine. I’d also be curious to get their opinion on what the results of statistical analysis have discovered in regard to deaths actually caused by COVID-19 compared to deaths where COVID-19 was found in the person, but was not the actual cause of death. Specifically, how have death rates been affected after parsing the data in this manner? Furthermore, I’d be interested in getting their take on investigations done into the accuracy of the information reported on death certificates, ie was proper procedure followed, so as to exclude comorbidity / multimorbidity factors. Along the lines of procedural accuracy, just for the sake of discussion, I’d also like to contact this group to hear their thoughts on the potential abuse by hospitals / healthcare facilities of Diagnosis-related group (DRG) billing codes being used to falsely report COVID-19 deaths in order to gain financial benefit for the facilities themselves. In the meantime, I think I will also research the priest and doctors mentioned in the article to get a better understanding of who they are. Since this society is based in America, a lot of the things I previously mentioned apply specifically to that country. What’s nice about that, is that their are many wonderful laws, specifically in the United States, that require that the financial relationships of doctors with pharmaceutical companies must be disclosed. It will be interesting to see what looking into this might uncover. Finally, the following statement from the above article, made by the society, made me feel somewhat uncomfortable: According to the document, a mask must still be worn even after a person has received a vaccine: “Yes. The reason for this is because the endpoint or goal of the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials were to prevent severe Covid-19. Therefore, we do not yet know whether the vaccine will prevent transmission of virus. However, we will find out soon.” So, when they say, “we will find out soon, “ it made me say to myself, “am I like a guinea pig then?”
Daniel H3/25/2021 5:21 pm
The vaccines are unethical not only because of human cells in them (or used in the manufacture of them) but also because of the formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, hexane, and polyethylene they have that you're injecting directly into people's veins which makes it to their brains. Do you want formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, hexane, or polyethylene in your brain? Is that desirable? Not to mention the seemingly random effects of having rapidly mutating mRNA injected into you.
John3/25/2021 5:01 pm
The only COVID vaccine I would take is Sputnik V, which is a conventional dead virus vaccine and has been proven highly effective. But there's no way that one will ever be authorized in the US under Biden.
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