Transylvania Metropolitan Laurentiu: Young people who stay chaste before marriage give birth to blessed children

Source: Basilica News Agency

April, 2, 2021


The Metropolitan of Transylvania said that the Christian family is in crisis. The solution is to resist sin through love and solidarity. He urged parents to encourage young people to keep chaste until marriage and called on mothers “to honour the blessed status God has given them at creation, namely to give birth to children.”

The Mother of God is “the mother of our mothers too,” said the metropolitan during his sermon on the Annunciation. “The chastity of virginity has been doubled, in her case, by the holy gift of motherhood, with which God has endowed this being called woman,” His Eminence added March 25, 2021.

“Be the defenders of purity and the sanctity of family life. Teach your children to understand and keep in purity what God has ordained, namely that youth be a period of purity,” His Eminence Metropolitan Laurențiu urged.

“Young people who keep the chastity of their virginity until they receive God’s blessing through the Sacrament of Marriage give birth to blessed children, and God will always protect them because God will never be indebted.”

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