Metropolitan Onuphry: God sends miracles that remind us of eternity

Kiev, April 6, 2021

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We are constantly surrounded by miracles that speak to God’s love and eternal life, though often we do not notice them, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry said in the recent edition of the “The Word of the Primate” on Ukrainian television.

His Beatitude also spoke about a miraculous healing that he personally witnessed.

“People ask if there are any miracles today. Miracles exist today,” the Ukrainian primate said. “The greatest miracle we have before our eyes is the universe, which God created out of nothing.”

“This is a great miracle, which the human mind cannot contain,” he emphasized. Unfortunately, such miracles often go unnoticed by most people.

“We don’t notice these miracles and spiritual things, which reveals the beauty of Divine love, because we are attached to vanity and earthly cares. Therefore, God sends us miracles that remind us of eternity,” Met. Onuphry explained.

And, as His Beatitude recalled, he personally witnessed a miracle at the Serbian Athonite monastery of Hilandar, where a sickly, elderly monk lived a strict life according to the rules of the monastery. He prayed, fasted, and labored, and when he turned 100, he was suddenly cured of diabetes, hypertension, and neuropathy.

“I saw it myself, with my own eyes. This is what God arranged, because the man forced himself to live according to God’s law, even though it was difficult for him. I saw him at the age of 103, and a year later he died, but not from disease. He prayed to God that He would take him to Himself. God loves a man who, without sparing himself, forces himself to live according to Divine laws,” the primate noted.

His Beatitude called upon his flock to also force themselves, each according to their own measure.

“I want everyone to force themselves to fast, to a reasonable extent, and to pray, and to do good deeds. Although this is difficult for us, we must force ourselves to do it. For the person who forces himself to do good, pray and fast, God multiplies both physical and spiritual strength, and the days of his earthly life,” Met. Onuphry reminded the Ukrainian faithful.

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