Letters About the Seal of Antichrist, and the Last Days

From approximately the year 2000, the Russian Federation began instituting modern identification systems similar to those long in use in the U.S. and other countries. These included tax identification numbers and Moscow resident cards. New passports were also being issued to replace the passports issued by the Soviet government.

These modernizations were the source of much confusion and fear amongst some of the Orthodox faithful because of their apocalyptic significance. Many people sought advice from Fr. John as one of the most respected spiritual authorities alive in Russia.—Trans.


The only “righteous” one

Dear in the Lord L.!

I tell you truly that it is necessary to uphold the blessing of higher Church authorities, for in the Church, the mind is universal. But if anyone has the possibility of not taking the [identification] card for now, then let him not take it.

However, I do not know whose heart could be at peace if he is the only “righteous” one in his family with no identification card, eating all the while bread received through the card of a family member who is consigned to destruction.

I am sure that the Lord will not tempt those who love Him beyond the measure of their strength.

But the seal [of antichrist] can only be placed upon those who lived in sins without repentance, and who have renounced the Lord by their lives. The seal of antichrist will be preceded by the seal of sin on the mind.

No mechanical renunciation

Dear in the Lord V.!

In answer to your letter, I ask you: “In what respect is the passport you received better or worse than the passport we have had up until now?” Furthermore, there is no such thing as a mechanical, indiscriminate renunciation; only our personal relationship to God can save or destroy us. No one has asked you about your religious beliefs.

May God give you wisdom.

Don’t just sit by the window

Dear in the Lord V.!

Even in apostolic times it was said that there were already many antichrists. But life goes on. Christianity is already 2000 years old.

Meanwhile, people save themselves, and will save themselves to the very last days of the world. People live and work, some according to God’s law, others according to the elements of this world. You cannot just sit by the window doing nothing but waiting for something to happen. You will be judged together with the unbelievers for your inactivity and for not multiplying the talent entrusted to you by God. As for the new passport, I have already written to you about this, and I will not repeat myself. The seal will come only after an individual’s personal renunciation of God, and not by trickery. Trickery has no significance. The Lord needs our heart, loving Him.

Disturbance, confusion and misunderstanding are sown by the same enemy, and they lead many away from the Church. Now you have taken the first step in that direction, and that is the very step toward destruction.

What the Scriptures warn

Slave of God T.!

The thing from which you are preparing to run away will find you everywhere. The new census system is being set into action deep in the provinces as well as in the capital. We should be running not from computers (this is technology), but from our own sins. But no, we nurse them, feed them to the point of monstrosity and take delight in them.

But the Holy Scriptures warn people that terrible times will come, because people will be proud, overbearing, loving money more than God. However, there is nothing written there about danger from technology. We are also informed that people will go running from west to east and east to west, and all of it will take place under the enemy’s direction. But God is everywhere—in Luga and in Kostroma, and He will aide His children everywhere.

May God give you wisdom!

God’s authority over every tower of Babylon

Dear Fr. N.!

Yes, very troubled times are coming upon us—the enemy is rocking the Church and trying to overcome it. Many completely unchurched, even unbelieving men have joined the clergy, and they are doing their business. God is with us, however, and we are supposed to do God’s work.

Forgive me magnanimously. I am sending you my vision of the current problems: over every tower of Babylon is God’s power and authority, and the current computer monster-beast must not be so terrible yet, seeing as the Lord takes His time in destroying this unreliable “archive.”

But the time will come when the Lord will disperse those fears with which the enemy of mankind has armed himself.

We must stand in the Faith and fear nothing but sin.

I ask your prayers.

damjan8/5/2021 12:51 pm
I think that the wise advice of a future saint puts an end to all talk about the "dangers" of modern technology. WE ALONE are responsible for our actions, so let us stop shifting the guilt elsewhere.
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