State mustn’t adopt laws contrary to Orthodox faith, culture, and morality—Metropolitan of Moldova

Chișinău, Moldova, October 20, 2021

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While the Church is separated from the state in Moldova, it isn’t separated from society. Thus, the Church can’t remain indifferent to what is happening in the country, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir of Moldova says in a new statement, and thus the Church raises its voice in the face of threats to national history, culture, morality, and the Orthodox faith.

The Church has the duty to guide the people “in the true light of Christ towards spiritual, moral, and social perfection,” and to warn the secular authorities “about the dangers of misguided laws, conceptions, and actions for the people.”

The state mustn’t divide the people in any way, and it is “completely inadmissible to promote and adopt laws that contradict the history, Orthodox faith, culture and morality, but also the two-thousand-year traditions of our people.”

His Eminence doesn’t specify what law he is referring to, but as OrthoChristian reported on Monday, Moldovan Parliament adopted the Istanbul Convention last week, less than two weeks after the Church made a public call for it to be rejected, with its misguided gender ideology.

The state leadership must understand the trust the voters have in it to lead them to a brighter future and do everything it can not to disappoint them, thereby “shattering all the expectations and aspirations of the multiethnic people of Moldova for a better future.”

In conclusion, Met Vladimir calls upon the clergy and all the people “to raise prayers for the enlightenment of the leadership and for the prosperity of the country.”

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