Religious education would help prevent school shootings—Patriarch Kirill

Moscow, October 20, 2021

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High quality religious education in schools would help prevent school shootings, believes His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

The Patriarch met with teachers of the foundations of religious cultures and secular ethics in Moscow yesterday.

“No matter how much those who are against any mention of religion in school talk about secularism and about how the school shouldn’t touch on questions of faith in God, in the end, we see young people who, calling themselves ‘gods,’ and others ‘ biowaste,’ take up arms and go to kill, not knowing that God isn’t putting yourself above others, not some proud right to judge and sentence people to life or death, but rather love and light,” His Holiness said.

The Patriarch referred to the recent school shootings and bombings in Kerch, Kazan, and Perm, which had a “pseudo-religious” element. Familiarity with true religious values could have prevented such tragedies, the Russian primate told the teachers.

On May 11 this year, Ilnaz Renatovich Galyaviev killed nine people and injured 23 others at a school in Kazan. On the morning of the shooting he posted a photo of himself in a mask with the word “God” written on it, captioned: “Today I will kill a huge amount of biowaste and shoot myself.”

“If we don’t want someone to write illiterately, we teach him spelling. If we don’t want them to make mathematical mistakes, we teach them mathematics… To protect children from an incorrect or distorted perception of religion, we should give them the chance to learn the religious traditions of our people, which have formed a system of moral values, underlying the generally accepted behavioral norms and laws,” Pat. Kirill exhorted.

He also emphasized that the teachers themselves must be well qualified to teach about religion, and must make every effort to make the lessons engaging.

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Panagiotis10/21/2021 2:06 am
God bless Patriarch Kirill for speaking the truth... one only has to look at what happened in the United States to see that Patriarch Kirill is 100% correct.. the liberal extremists took prayer out of public schools, and then the liberal extremists unleashed the feminist movement, which destroyed the traditional nuclear family , and then the liberal extremists infested television programming with liberal garbage, and so on... Look at what has happened since then, one school shooting after another.. Before World War II there were very few school shootings, if any... Use the brain that Almighty God gave to you and put the pieces of the puzzle together... When are people going to wake up?
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