Schismatic priests proudly sing: “Bandera is our father!” (+VIDEO)

Drogobich, Ukraine, October 29, 2021

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In a video published earlier this week, a group of “priests” from the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” proudly proclaim in song: “Bandera is our father!”

The men in the video are chaplains of the Drogobich-Sambir Diocese of the schismatic organization, singing a popular nationalist song against the backdrop of the monument to the Nazi-collaborator and war criminal Stepan Bandera in Drogobich:

The chaplains dedicated their performance to Chaplain’s Day, celebrated on October 25, thus joining in a social media flash mob that has swept through Ukraine.

In the song, the “priests” proclaim that “Bandera is our father, Ukraine is our mother!”

Their admiration for Bander is not surprising, as the head of the schismatic OCU himself, “Metropolitan” Epiphany Dumenko, has talked about how the OCU is proud to be called Banderites.

During a visit to the Lvov National Agrarian University in April 2019, the fake metropolitan told students: “Among the graduates of the university, it is worth noting and remembering the genius of the Ukrainian national and nation-creating spirit Stepan Bandera. He is a glorious graduate of your university, and when we are called Banderites, we are proud of this.”

The men in the video finish with the exclamation, “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes!”—a slogan the nationalist schismatics often shout to drown out the prayers of the faithful of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church at public events and confrontations. It was also shouted inside the church after Patriarch Bartholomew signed the so-called tomos for the “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” in January 2019.

Last month, the OCU signed a cooperation agreement with the Youth Nationalist Congress, which openly describes itself as followers of Bandera.


Stepan Bandera (1909–1950) was a leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement in Galicia, now western Ukraine, but during his lifetime part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and later the Second Polish Republic. His Ukrainian independence movement collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, and his followers were responsible for atrocities against Jews and Poles in Galicia and Volhynia. His memory is currently an inspiration for Ukrainian nationalists and Neo-Nazi parties in Ukraine today.

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Simon Wiesenthal 2.011/1/2021 1:03 am
The position expressed by Herman and Panagiotis is completely unacceptable in any Christian, so no, you are not my Orthodox brothers. Panagiotis gives us a detailed graphic description of tortures, but fails to admit the key point that these were the same tortures that the genocidal Ukrainians enacted upon their western neighbors under Bandera, and continue to enact upon their eastern neighbors today. They crucified priests, raped and disemboweled pregnant women, and burnt families alive. But somehow, we are supposed to excuse all of that, because the victims were our Catholic brethren and Jewish neighbors, while the perpetrators were heretics claiming Orthodoxy... I take it you excuse Ukraine's modern atrocities similarly, by accusing their latest victims of Leninism and Stalinism? Or is it sufficient merely to note they are Russians, and pretend Russians are not allowed freedom of speech, like Herman did? The Holodomor was horrible slaughter enacted by the godless Soviet authorities, who were every bit as bad as the Nazis. But the Holodomor is in no way on the same level as Bandera's purges of innocent neighbors to steal their land. Why do people always seek to excuse Nazi genocide as trivial compared to Soviet genocide with the argument that "they managed to kill a smaller number of people"? God is just and merciful. He saw fit to redirect the communists terror against those Ukrainian enemies of Christ who enacted the same genocide on their innocent neighbors. Glory be to God!
Panagiotis10/31/2021 8:03 pm
To Orthodox Brother Editor: You are absolutely correct in that the evil communists killed Orthodox Christians all across the former Soviet Union, many, if not most of those killed were in Russia... I have made this clear before in other comments on other articles.... the demonic communists did not discriminate against Orthodox Christians that they murdered based on their ethnicity because they hated all of our people, and they could care less what ethnicity they were... keep up the good work Orthodox Brother...
Ioann10/31/2021 6:03 pm
Herman: My apologies if I offended you--I am not accusing you of lying per se, but simply pointing out that even in comments it's a sin to mislead people. If you send the link, I will look at it. But I know for sure that Russian Orthodox priests would not call Lenin and Stalin their father in song.
Editor10/31/2021 5:58 pm
Panagiotis: With respect to you, but it's misleading to repeat over and over that the "communists" committed a holocaust against "Ukrainians". All of those atrocities were committed by the communist regime all across the Soviet Union, and not just in Ukraine. It was not a genocide against Ukrainians, but against everyone of the old order--Orthodox Christians, the Russian nobility, the White army. And there were quite a few Ukrainians on the side of communists, who perpetrated these atrocities against their own people. You mean well, but please get the history straight. By far not all Ukrainians were innocent victims, and by far not all Russians were communists. Everyone who went against the new order in the Soviet Union suffered, and it was not an ethnic cleansing. And it was Tsarina Alexandra who was half German. Tsar Nicholas II was half Danish.
Herman10/31/2021 3:34 am
Ioann: I saw this in videos of the V Day parades and celebrations. It wasn't in the main parade at the Kremlin, but in one (or more, possibly) smaller towns holding celebrations. This was years ago. If I can locate those videos on Youtube again I will return and leave links. By the way, your insinuation that I am lying is not appreciated. I'm not writing a dissertation paper here with footnotes and sources, I'm merely leaving informal comments with my thoughts. Nevertheless, if I locate the videos, I will leave links for you. God bless.
Panagiotis10/31/2021 12:59 am
The Holocaust committed in the Ukraine is one of the greatest Holocausts in history of mankind... At least 10.3 million Ukrainians and other ethnicities in the Ukraine were murdered by the demonic communists.. Ukrainian Priests were crucified and had crosses carved into their chests by the monster communists... Ukrainian Priests and Bishops were boiled alive in huge cauldrons of hot water and then other priests were made to drink this water... Ukrainian women were raped in front of their husbands and children and then they were all savagely murdered... .. Priests were submerged alive in ice cold water and made into huge ice cubes... Individuals had slits cut into their stomachs and were then made to run around a pole until their intestines were unraveled. .. Ukrainian people had their eyes gouged out , their tongues cut out, and their ears cut off while they were still alive... the monster communists buried people alive and then dug them up before they could die, and then did it again to make them suffer ... the Ukrainian People were intentionally starved to death and had to resort to eating their pets and the bark off trees , and then some resorted to cannibalism ... I can go on and on...The monster communists were demons and satanic monsters ..... There simply is no comparison between this savage and demonic Holocaust of at least 10.3 million Ukrainian People and a hundred thousand or so who died in the aforementioned massacres... To Orthodox Brother Herman, you do not have to give an explanation to anyone as to how you received your name... I am sure the editor of this website agrees with me that there is no place on this website for anyone to make a connection between someone else's name and/or his ethnicity and connect that to his opinion... by the way, the last time I checked, Holy Tzar Martyr Nicholas II was predominantly of German ethnicity, as was the Royal Martyr Family.. We are all Orthodox Brothers regardless of our ethnicity....
Simon Wiesenthal 2.010/31/2021 12:22 am
Worse and worse. Now Herman is pretending the Ukrainian Nazis' lives are worth the same as those of the half a million Poles and Hungarians innocents they massacred (not to mention the Jews). How dare you? It is an affront before the face of God! The prince of heretics Sergey Dumenko stands in the occupied Polish city of Lwow, the very heart of Bandera's genocide, and worships the son of Satan who signed off on such orders as: "We should make a large action of the liquidation of the Polish element. As the German armies withdraw, we should take advantage of this convenient moment for liquidating the entire male population in the age from 16 up to 60 years. We cannot lose this fight, and it is necessary at all costs to weaken Polish forces. Villages and settlements lying next to the massive forests, should disappear from the face of the earth." and "Liquidate all Polish traces. Destroy all walls in the Catholic Church and other Polish prayer houses. Destroy orchards and trees in the courtyards so that there will be no trace that someone lived there. Pay attention to the fact that when something remains that is Polish, then the Poles will have pretensions to our land." While these same Nazis turn their genocidal bloodlust eastwards towards Crimea and Donbass, and again the world looks on in silent approval.
James10/30/2021 11:12 pm
The really shocking thing here is that they are singing, "Ukraine is my mother, and Bandera is my father". This is quite scary, because the holy fathers say that for whomever the Church is not their mother, God is not their father. They have schismed from the Church, and thus rejected their mother. And now God is not their father, but such an odious figure as Stepan Bandera. It's truly frightening to see men dressed as Orthodox priests, with pectoral crosses, singing, "Ukraine is my mother, and Bandera is my father." What will they sing when the antichrist comes?
Ioann10/30/2021 11:06 pm
Herman: Where did you see Russian priests marching with banners of Lenin and Stalin? It's unseemly to try to support your ideas with outright false information.
Herman10/30/2021 4:56 pm
Yes, my name is Herman, I am named for St Herman of Alaska. This is odd to you? There were roughly 7 million people (some say as little as 4, or as many as 10) that died in the Holodomor, which is the real holocaust of the 20th century - a manufactured famine and genocide, an extremely brutal one. The massacres you mention do not even closely approach those numbers, with official estimates ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 dead. If you read my comment again, you'll notice that I'm not "indulging the Nazis" nor am I defending anything that Bandera did or did not do. I personally consider Lenin and Stalin, in their persecution of the Church and sheer numbers of people sent to camps and executed to be far, far worse in word and deed than a relatively minor figure such as Bandera, this is the point I was trying to make with my comment about Lenin's corpse. When I see Russian Orthodox priests marching around on V Day with banners of Lenin and Stalin it bothers me far far worse than seeing some goofy schismatics singing about Bandera.
Ioann10/30/2021 10:56 am
Yes, Herman, it's no wonder if you haven't read any of the details of the Volynian and Galician massacres--almost no one has in the West, except the Poles, but for some reason they keep it to themselves. It's absolutely hair-raising and sickening. It even made the German Nazis' hair stand on end. It was Bandera's folks who composed the tract: "100 ways to kill a Pole". And you won't find a Russian priest singing praises to Lenin or Stalin. Although it's true, there are some crazies among the laity who think Stalin was okay. But no one in the church would praise Lenin, the "bald idol".
Simon Wiesenthal 2.010/30/2021 6:21 am
Of course there had to be someone named "Herman" indulging the Nazis... The reason Bandera's corpse is not embalmed in Kiev, is because Ukrainians know full well that Hell itself would open up to swallow the son of Satan. So instead they left him to rot amongst his fellow Nazis in Germany. Bandera's Volhynian and Galician massacres make the Holodomor seem like a hilarious stroke Divine and poetic justice.
Jesse Dominick10/29/2021 11:55 pm
Herman, as you said, if Russian priests have a love of Lenin and Stalin, that is truly disturbing, so I'm not sure what's not fair? And the Russian state keeps Lenin on Red Square, not the Church. The decisions of the Russian state don't have any impact on whether or not the actions of OCU priests are appropriate or not.
Susan10/29/2021 11:14 pm
What nice voices. Wish though that they were singing about God and not Bandera.
Gebremaryam Weldemarqos10/29/2021 10:13 pm
Glass houses...
Herman10/29/2021 6:22 pm
Well, they have a different viewpoint. I know that's becoming nearly illegal in Russia now, sadly. Let me state clearly - I am not supportive of the schismatics, quite to the contrary. My problem with them is the fact that they are schismatics, not that they admire Bandera. So what? There are plenty of Russian priests who have a disturbing love of Stalin and even Lenin. That bothers me far worse than some Ukrainians that like Bandera. Ukraine also does not keep the embalmed corpse of Bandera in the heart of their capital as a tourist attraction. Let's be fair.
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