Patriarch Bartholomew admits: He doesn’t care that there is a schism in the Church

New York, November 1, 2021

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Dropping all pretexts, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople admitted on Friday that he doesn’t care at all that there is a schism between the Patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople, that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia doesn’t commemorate him in the Divine services.

As is well known, the rupture in communion occurred because Patriarch Bartholomew teamed up with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the U.S. State Department to invade Ukrainian Church territory, enter into communion with anathematized schismatics, and create a competing ecclesiastical structure on the territory of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

However, Pat. Bartholomew “couldn’t care less” about the consequences of his actions, he told journalists at an event in New York, as reports the Orthodox Times and a number of Greek outlets.

The statement is a stark departure from his usual line, that Constantinople is but a loving mother, suffering unjustly at the hands of the cruel and ungrateful Russians. Pat. Bartholomew often points out that he continues to commemorate Pat. Kirill even though Pat. Kirill doesn’t commemorate him. The Patriarch’s latest statement is especially concerning in this light, coming from someone who presents himself as the guarantor and focal point of Church unity.

Addressing Constantinople’s self-understanding and the granting of the so-called “autocephaly” to the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” the Patriarch said:

Why should we not have done the same with Ukraine, just as we granted autocephaly to Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, and Albania? It is the exclusive privilege of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to grant autocephaly. All of the aforementioned Churches received autocephaly from the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which empties itself because it grants territories under its jurisdiction to become autocephalous, independent Churches.

Why should the same not have occurred with Ukraine, which has a population of 40-50 million. Our Ukrainian brethren wanted not only now, but much earlier, though now more intensely, to have their own Church and not be under Moscow’s jurisdiction, not to be oppressed by Moscow. We did so with a sense of responsibility toward history and toward Ukraine and its residents. They removed my name from the diptychs and do not commemorate me. I couldn’t care less.

As Greek outlets such as note, the Patriarch’s statement came in a moment of rare frankness.

The Patriarch’s attitude is not surprising, given his publicly expressed conviction that the Greek people occupy a special place in the Orthodox Church, which the Slavic peoples just have to learn to accept.

Moreover, the Patriarch’s statement is a repetition of his usual distortion of the facts, aimed at those who are largely ignorant of Church history, especially in Ukraine.

While he tries to give the impression that 40 or 50 million Ukrainians appealed to him for autocephaly, of course not all Ukrainians even identify as Orthodox, and among those who do, it was, in fact, a minority who appealed for autocephaly, as the largest Orthodox confession, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine, already enjoys full independence in its administration and the recognition of the entire Orthodox Church.

Further, the canonical Church has the maturity to live in harmony with Russia, and therefore doesn’t identify itself in opposition to Russia, and thus has no desire to sever its ties with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Further, the clergy of the minority group that appealed to Constantinople trace their ordinations and consecrations to “Patriarch” Philaret Denisenko, who was defrocked for his severe moral failings, and later excommunicated and anathematized for his schismatic activity against the Church, and Viktor Chekalin, a defrocked deacon who is now in jail for fraud, forgery, and child molestation.

Commenting on the Patriarch’s lamentable statement, His Grace Bishop Viktor of Baryshevka of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church pointed out that “there can be no ‘I don’t care’ for a person who cares about the unity of the Church.”

Contrary to Pat. Bartholomew’s statement, Scripture teaches us that whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it (1 Cor. 12:26), the Ukrainian hierarch points out.

“And no matter how Patriarch Bartholomew tries to show his attitude to the greater half of the Orthodox world, we see only one thing—a suffering and lost man who, by his words and actions, is moving further and further away from Christ,” Bp. Viktor summed up.

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George5/28/2022 7:02 pm
So sad to read and witness all this in the Greek Orthodox Church
pt1/25/2022 3:19 pm
Stop with the historical nonsense about the Patriarch of Constantinople because Constantinople no longer exists nor is there a Patriarch of Constantinople that can pass the laugh test. What actually exists in Istanbul is a Greek Janissary named Bartholomew who serves at the pleasure of his Muslim Sultan, Erdogan and lately the US State Department. Eastern Orthodox Christians can simply ignore Bartholomew’s imaginary authority over their religion.
Catrina11/21/2021 3:55 am
This man is a globalist and part of the Great Reset. He is not from God.
Jason11/3/2021 9:20 pm
Panagiotis: The church in the USA saying that what happened in Ukraine "stays in Ukraine" is the exact reason why Bartholemew got away with his evil act! If the Orthodox Christians in the USA (and the rest of the world) protested in uproar against the wicked evil that he committed against the BODY of CHRIST, and insisted that he stop attacking the HOLY ORTHDOX CHURCH, then he would never have been able to do commit his wickedness! The Orthodox Church's apathy and lack of love for the suffering of their brothers in Ukraine is why this happened. We should be ashamed of ourselves, and the leaders of the local churches should be ashamed also. Mount Athos failed us, as did the monasteries in the USA! God forgive us all!
Mark11/3/2021 9:13 pm
Panagiotis: What you have to understand is that since Patriarch Kirill became the head of the Moscow church, we have had a unanimous agreement between all of the local churches to support P. Bartholomew's claims to be the "first" in terms of importance. Patriarch Alexi of Moscow was not like this, and clearly embraced and was proud to speak of Russia as being the "third and final Rome". Kirill on the other hand is a politician, and did not want to embrace this title, but gave it back to Constantinople, as a sort of "olive branch" of peace and good will, but his weakness is the reason Russia is in the position it finds itself today. Russia had an opportunity to glorify the church and cleanse her of the false ecumenical teachings of the Phanar, but instead it chose to play politics, and here we are with a crazy, heretical egotist proclaiming himself as the head of the church since he is supported by the US DOD and the satanists in the west. So, the point that I am trying to make is that Bartholomew has been portrayed as the "head of the Eastern Orthodox Church" not just by himself and his stogies, but also by the silence and respect given to him by the heads of all the local churches. NOONE was challenging him until the Ukraine incident, and now ONLY Moscow challenges him! So from a protestant perspective the thought is "if the head of the church is teaching this heresy, which is clearly against the spirit of the Gospel, then the Orthodox Church can not be the true church, but simply has replaced Jewish superiority with Greek superiority!" Do you blame them? Also, in terms of your experience as an immigrant to the western world, please understand that racism and prejudice exists inside and outside of the church, but the difference between P. Bartholemew's racism and your experience is that the primate of the church of England or the Roman Catholic Church was NOT teaching their people that they are superior to the rest of humanity, and that Christianity is nothing without them! Your GOA is actually teaching and spreading hate! Encouraging the sin of ethnic hate and prejudice! A "spiritual leader" of the GOA who tells the whole world that he is the head of the church is teaching this! Imagine if the pope of Rome started telling everyone that the Italians are a superior people and every other catholic is not really a catholic! Imagine the uproar! But PB speaks this way all the time, and suffers no pushback from church leaders or from globalists (because he is one of them), so this is a huge stain on the Orthodox church. Most people simply walk away when they become aware of the existence of the ethnophyletism (racism and hate) that exists in the Orthodox Church amongst the Greeks!
Alexander Leitner11/3/2021 2:20 pm
I am only curious about the reaction of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Romanian, Bulgarian....will they be in communion with the greek schismatics?
Alexander Leitner11/3/2021 2:15 pm
@Steve: There is a break of communion! We are not allowed to receive communion or attend Liturgy in a schismatic church of Constantinople. There is also a schism!
Jesse Dominick11/3/2021 1:49 pm
Steve, actually there is a break in Communion. Patriarch Bartholomew can't force the Russian Church to be in communion with him. It only takes one side to break Communion. It's the same with Jerusalem and Antioch, by the way. The Patriarch of Jerusalem still commemorates the Patriarch of Antioch - that doesn't magically create communion where it doesn't exist. He doesn't care about the consequences of his actions because he thinks as Patriarch of Constantinople all other Churches and hierarchs have only to obey him, and that is very obviously what he meant with his vulgar expression.
Steve11/3/2021 6:52 am
There actually is no break in communion between Constantinople and Moscow. The fact that Patriarch Kirill doesn't commemorate the Ecumenical Patriarch doesn't change this. That's why Patriarch Bartholomew doesn't care. Anyways, from his point of view, America's OCA is a branch of the Russian Church, and he is in full communion with them.
Afanassy11/2/2021 10:36 pm
Antiochene Son: σκασίλα μου means "My heart breaks". It's sarcastic. =====================
Afanassy11/2/2021 10:18 pm
For me, it's all too late. The New Great Schism is upon us. Period. There is now only one leader of all of legitimate Orthodoxy: the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Third Rome, Moscow. Constantinople exists only in the dim past; and even its new secular and Islam-accepted name, Istanbul, reflects that fact. Those who have maintained Communion with this Heretic of the Phanar are themselves in schism, and cannot be visited or honored. The Canons are clear: "Let any Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon that merely joins in prayer with heretics be suspended, but if he has permitted them to perform any service as a Clergyman, let him be deposed." [Cannon 45 of "85 Apostolic Canons"]. It appears the only event that could trigger the "healing" world Orthodoxy is the departure (Heavenly or otherwise) of Bartholomew. =========================
Norman Peterson11/2/2021 9:59 pm
Time to make Constantinople Christian again...
Herman11/2/2021 6:18 pm
Panagiotis: you are quite terribly wrong. When Constantinople, and thus, the GOA, entered into communion with schismatics in Ukraine, Moscow, and thus, ROCOR, broke communion with them. ROCOR had to withdraw from participation in SCOBA. I am in ROCOR, and we cannot attend liturgy nor receive communion in any GOA parishes. The GOA also shortly after that started what they call the "Slavic Vicariate" in order to attempt to woo Russians away from ROCOR, but I don't think it has had any success. I hope you are aware of the persecution that our Orthodox brothers and sisters are facing in Ukraine - churches seized, priests literally beaten outside of their parishes, armed thugs attacking parishioners, government threats to make the Ukrainian Church an illegal entity, etc. This affects all of us, of course. I could go on and on, and probably should, but I think this is sufficient. This is causing a split in the entire Church, because now we have other Churches too that have gone along with Constantinople and have actively begun to enter into communion with a schismatic faction in Ukraine. How can you feel that we here in the US are unaffected by this?
Mikhail11/2/2021 6:11 pm
To Panagiotis: There is no choice in the matter. I am not bringing this problem to America...EP Bartholomew has brought this problem to America...and to the world! He is out of control. He watches Orthodox Christians being beaten and Churches being confiscated by his schismatics, and yet all he can talk about is his imaginary position as "first without equal." It is a disgrace. If the other Hierarchs (not only in America but around the world) do not stand up against his tyranny, the result will be a splintering of holy Orthodoxy that will make the Great Schism seem like child's play. Thank God we know that the gates of hell will not prevail. But there will only be a remnant in the end...God help us all to be with that remnant.
Panagiotis11/2/2021 3:30 pm
To Mikhail: don't bring the problems from the Ukraine here to the United States... The different Orthodox communities get along very well in the U.S.A... we go to each other's Churches and we support each other and we help each other... The Orthodox Churches in the United States had nothing to do with the mess in the Ukraine so do not try to get us involved with that... all of the Orthodox Christians are my brothers and we should all be united... When we fight each other that only pleases those who hate us...
Alexander Leitner11/2/2021 3:13 pm
@Loukoum: sorry but you did not get thepoint! This has nothing to do with Russia, Stalin etc....but with Holy Orthodoxy and Holy Tradition and the Holy Canons. EP Bartholomew is a violator of the Holy Canons, a schismatic and ecumenist. Looong before the case of ukraine
Loukoumi11/2/2021 10:48 am
I think he meant he doesn't care about the diptychs and commemoration, not specifically the schism. The famed "Moscow opression" has its roots with Stalin and the previous era, I don't know how did things settle after that and the state of current relations, but it looks like a classic US-Russia clique war. Shame that the Churches participate in it.
Mikhail11/2/2021 2:51 am
Again, I have to ask how the Hierarchs of the other Orthodox Churches can sit silently while this man tears down the Church. How is it that any other Bishop can participate in the Synod of Bishops in America with AB Elpidophoros as their defacto leader. Are they not accessories to this madness for not taking a stand? It is scandalous!
Panagiotis11/2/2021 1:51 am
Mark: if your two protestant friends were so upset that Patriarch Bartholomew said that the Greeks are a "chosen and special people", then why did they not go join a Russian Orthodox Church? Why did they not go join a Serbian Orthodox Church? Why did they not go join an Antiochian Orthodox Church? And so on...You mean to tell me one statement like that made them turn away from the Orthodox Church?..... For years in the USA, many protestants were supremacists and looked down on the Orthodox People and the ethnic people from Russia, Greece, Serbia, Syria, Bulgaria, and so forth... Ethnic Orthodox people from these countries faced economic, social, and educational discrimination... Ethnic Orthodox people could not live in certain neighborhoods, they were not hired for certain professions or jobs , they were not accepted into certain educational curriculums, and so forth... they were called dirty hunkys and greasy Greeks..... Those who have read my posts before know that I am strong Orthodox, and I also believe that the Russian Orthodox People are indeed special and chosen, and I have great respect for the Russian Orthodox Church and Holy Tzar Martyr Nicholas II and the Royal Martyr Family... oh by the way, his protestant first cousins of the British Monarchy refused to help him before the monster communists savagely murdered him and his beautiful family.... +++ May their Memories be Eternal, and may they be in a Place of Peace and Light in Paradise +++ ....
Mark11/1/2021 9:43 pm
What the readers also have to remember is how the words of this man have grave consequences throughout all of Christendom and the world. People who are interested in becoming Orthodox and learn about the existence of this godless teaching that the greeks are a "chosen and special people", will immediately reject the Orthodox Church as the True Church of Christ, since such teachings are 100% in direct opposition to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible! This man is truly a false teacher, heretic and godless enemy of Christianity, who will stand judgment for all the souls that turned from Holy Orthodoxy because of his ethno-centric, hellenic superiority garbage! I personally know at least two people from the Protestant communities who turned to Rome instead of Orthodoxy because of the teachings that this man boldly dares to proclaim as "authentic Christian"! The people that I know have a very large circle of influence, so you can imagine how many souls were impacted just through these two people becoming Roman Catholic instead of Orthodox. This man is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing who has come to kill and destroy! May God deliver us from him, and all those who posses his godless, anti-Christian spirit.
Antiochene Son11/1/2021 8:58 pm
@Cyprian: His removal from the diptychs is the embodiment of the schism; they are one and the same.
Antiochene Son11/1/2021 8:50 pm
Helleniscope reports that His Holiness' exact words were "skasila mou," which is more correctly translated as "I don't give a (vulgarity)." A truly great example of Christian charity he is, the supposed leader of the Orthodox Church.
John11/1/2021 7:36 pm
As I watch the Patriarch from Constantinople express hostility to the canonical Orthodox Church leadership but such friendliness to American politicians, a friendless from Washington DC that is reciprocated, I am reminded of the OrthoChristian article, “HOW SCHISMATICS ARE BEING USED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE ORTHODOX CHURCH.” That article is an amazing piece of reporting.
Cyprian11/1/2021 6:26 pm
In English when he says he doesnt care it refers to his name being removed not that he created a schism.
Theodoros11/1/2021 6:02 pm
The Greek expression that Patriarch Bartholomew used to dismiss the Russians is much worse than “I don’t care”. He is a very bad man motivated by anger and jealousy. He needs to be deposed. The church of Greece could make up for the wrong in recognizing the schismatic entity in Ukraine by using its influence to curb Patriarch Bartholomews influence and power. The Synod of Greece should seek to take over Crete, Mount Athos, and the islands from Constantinople. It is the phanar that needs Greece, not the other way around. Greece would be doing Orthodoxy a favor by diminishing the Phanar power and isolating Bartholomew. Enough is enough already. Bartholomew must go.
Gary11/1/2021 4:50 pm
Let's all pray that our Bishops and Patriarchs stand firm for the truth.
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