Morality not black and white, Fordham’s Demacopoulos says in abortion article

Washington, D.C., February 7, 2022

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“It’s a Christian truism that you can hold seemingly contradictory views. Christian moral teaching isn’t black and white,” says Archon George Demacopoulos, reflecting upon Archbishop Elpidophoros’ controversial March for Life statement from last month.

The statement from the head of the Greek Archdiocese garnered strong reactions on social media, with some condemning him as a pro-abortionist, and others praising him as a compassionate pro-lifer. Meanwhile, the official Greek Archdiocese Press Office account retweeted explicitly pro-abortion praise for the Archbishop’s statement.

And now the hierarch’s statement has been placed in the same light by The Washington Post in its article, “The threat to Roe v. Wade is driving a religious movement for reproductive choice.”

There is “an increasingly bold and more visible religious movement for reproductive choice, a hard shove back to the decades-old American narrative that a devout person sees abortion only as murder,” happening in America today, the outlet writes.

Against this background, the Post recalls:

Last month, the most visible leader of Orthodox Christianity in the country, Archbishop Elpidophoros, said at the antiabortion March for Life that the biblical Mary “freely chose” to bring Jesus into the world, “and God respected her freedom … we march not for coercion.”

… Comments like Elpidophoros’ argue for the theological right of women to bodily autonomy and health and say it’s theologically wrong to uniformly choose a fetus over a woman.

Speaking with The Washington Post, Demacopoulos, the co-founder of the Fordham Orthodox Christian Studies Center and official historian for the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle (the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in America), comments that abortion is legal in every major Orthodox country, and while the faith is against it, it also respects the autonomy of women. Church and state are generally separate in these countries and abortion is less a political issue, he says.

Christian morality falls into the gray area, Demacopoulos continues, analyzing the words of Abp. Elpidophoros:

“In the United States, the debate is very much positioned as these two goods at war with one another; we’re being asked to pick. And he’s saying that’s theologically wrong,” he said of Elpidophoros. “It’s a Christian truism that you can hold seemingly contradictory views. Christian moral teaching isn’t black and white.”

The Archon echoes his earlier statement offered on Twitter, that “Not everyone can handle paradox but it has been a central element of Christian thought since antiquity.”

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Alexander Leitner2/8/2022 1:41 pm
@Tim: I am not a racist! And if my posts are ridiculous than show why
Jesse Dominick2/8/2022 11:08 am
Don't worry, Tim, I have screenshots of your unpublished comments that are filled with profanity, derogatory words, and personal attacks and threats against us. And let's not forget where you accused a priest and his wife of perverse sexual acts because they weren't in your preferred jurisdiction. Should we publish those now? Perhaps we could dedicate an entire article just to your comments?
Tim2/8/2022 1:02 am
Why does this website constantly publish the racist and ridiculous comments of the user "Alexander Leitner", when it censors thousands of fair and critical comments?
Paul2/7/2022 11:57 pm
Once again, GOARCH's Antichrist Elpidophoros has publicly stained the image of the Orthodox Church. And in front of countless heterodox who know very little about Orthodoxy. It will be a happy day throughout the entire Orthodox Church, when the filth of Constantinople is washed away and these blasphemous, neo-papal hellenists are finally brought to justice.
Chris Banescu2/7/2022 9:25 pm
Both George Demacopoulos and Abp. Elpidophoros speak with forked tongues and contradict the unchanging Church teaching on the sanctity of life, especially life in the womb. Both show themselves to be false teachers and betrayers of Christ. Here's some basic theology and true Orthodox Christian teaching for these impostors to consider: Murder of a baby can never be a choice for any mother, especially an Orthodox Christian mother.
Michael2/7/2022 8:21 pm
Anaxios, Anaxios, Anaxios Archbishop Elpidophoros! The teaching of the Church since day one is that abortion is murder. The Church does not recognize the autonomy of a woman to murder her child a month before birth any more than it does a month after the child’s birth. This is pure heresy. No surprise from the author of First Without Equal. Archbishop Elpidophoros is leading souls to sin and death by heretical teachings. We the laos must do our duty and cry Anaxios from the top of our lungs.
sherlock_holmes2/7/2022 8:11 pm
But immorality is for sure black ! If arch. Elpidophoros would have continued on praising the women who follow the example of Mother of God, to freely bring life (salvation) in this world...
AV2/7/2022 8:10 pm
This Archbishop has lost his way and been seduced by the world and its morality. Of course the Washington Post is probably championing him now as one of "our own". Getting a church man to condone murder of the innocents. Great clip for Satan
NICK2/7/2022 8:07 pm
cathy2/7/2022 7:49 pm
Disgusting. May the Lord have mercy on these wolves
Alexander Leitner2/7/2022 7:00 pm
Horrible this greek apostates! When all the eyes of orthodox will be opened? THEY ARE APOSTATES!
Theodoros2/7/2022 3:38 pm
ANAXIOS Archbishop Elpidophoros. The Orthodox Church teaches that abortion is murder. What a disgrace that this Archbishop is misrepresenting the stance of the Orthodox Church. This on top of the First without equals heresy. He and Bartholomew and Theodore must be deposed!
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