Metropolitan Onuphry: War is a grave sin before God

Kiev, February 22, 2022     

Given the aggravation of the military escalation in eastern Ukraine, the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine, has appealed to the faithful to strengthen their prayers for peace in Ukraine, reports the Information-Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has consistently supported and supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and calls on its faithful to pray for peace in our Ukrainian state and throughout the world,” His Beatitude stressed.

“I call upon the leaders of states and all who can prevent a new war. War is a grave sin before God!” Met. Onuphry emphasized.

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sherlock_holmes2/23/2022 8:16 pm
Mainly due to our sins. Also, because the country( not alone ) that has been invading so many other countries since the end of world war 2 is trying through deceit and Divide et impera policy to control the world and bring it to madness (wokism, transhumanism, lgbt, critical race theory, fake religion and god aka ecumenism, etc.) When USSR collapsed and the new states emerged, nobody thought that some of them will join NATO against Russia and the leaders of the West will brake the promise for the military alliance not to expand to the Est if Germany to reunite. And all those events happened so fast and chaotic. If Russia knew the future, I am pretty sure she would have negotiated the fate of the Russian territories and population in the newly formed states which for centuries belonged to Russia ( Crimea, Donbass, etc.) . Sorry if I am wrong !
Vladimir A. Ivanov2/23/2022 6:58 am
Ah yes, "the leaders of states." So, like, the President of Finland? The Sultan of Brunei? Did they invade the Donbass and Crimea? I'm forgetting why all of this happening, it's all so unclear...
Megan S.2/22/2022 10:08 pm
Michael K: So will the the Ukrainian government and its supporters who are shelling cities in Donbass.
Michael K2/22/2022 8:21 pm
Putin will answer to God our Father
Cat2/22/2022 8:12 pm
I don't even want to imagine what is going to happen to the UOC, in the light of the latest developments... May God be with you always!
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