Patriarchate of Alexandria rules to defrock two Russian priests

Alexandria, February 25, 2022

Fr. George Maximov (left), Fr. Andrei Novikov (right) Fr. George Maximov (left), Fr. Andrei Novikov (right)     

The Synodal Court of the Patriarchate of Alexandria heard the cases against Archpriests George Maximov and Andrei Novikov of the Moscow Patriarchate today.

The priests were tried in absentia. Fr. Andrei has already returned to Russia, while Fr. George remains in Africa but did not appear at the trial.

The Court announced the charges last week:

  1. Celebrating the Liturgy and other services on the territory of the Patriarchate of Alexandria without the permission of Pat. Theodoros and the relevant local bishops
  2. Concelebrating with defrocked clergy
  3. The crime of conspiracy or faction (see Canon 18 of the Fourth Ecumenical Council)
  4. Causing a scandal to the Church

Both Fr. George and Fr. Andrei were found guilty of the charges and declared defrocked by the Alexandrian Court, reports the Patriarchate press service.

Metropolitan Leonid of Klin, the Russian Patriarchal Exarch for Africa, and Frs. George and Andrei have made it clear that they do not recognize Alexandria’s right to try and condemn them, given that the Russian Church is not presently in communion with the Patriarchate of Alexandria, due to Patriarch Theodoros’ recognition of the Ukrainian schismatics.

Meanwhile, Pat. Theodoros has also threatened to defrock Met. Leonid if he continues with the status of Exarch of Africa.

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Markos8/29/2023 6:54 pm
The body of Christ is never divided. These jurisdictions have nothing to do with Christ but an earthly power. Saint Paul wrote a letter to the church at Corinth bacause there were split group saying they belong to Paul, others to Apollos and others to Cephas. Chloe who had housed the church became suspicious of the hatred and wrote to Paul. Paul in response said that the body of Christ is not divided and so the faithfuls should unite and stay in union for hatred in church means there is no love. And without love there is no Christ amongst themselves. This church might enter into a pit that will take centuries to retrieve herself. If the grace of God leaves the church, then we are done and shame shall come for the first time in the apostolic church. I urge the church leaders kindly to solve their differences and focus on the growth of the church that Christ gave us
AnonSaysWhat2/27/2022 10:48 pm
Is this even valid? Anyone know?
Carol2/27/2022 9:44 am
Undoubtedly, the demons and the secular "West" are rejoicing to see turmoil and division in the Orthodox Church. Lord have mercy!
Wanjala Emmanuel2/26/2022 11:31 am
Russia has come to serve God,and His people. Russia has not come to serve Patriach of Alexandria.
Did canon 18 come from God?
Is there any Canon from God which commands Territories in spreading the Gospel?

You are joking, Russia will stay in Africa.
Get my prophesy today.

I have never read in any of the ancient fathers history that there was apatriach called Thirteenth of the Apostle and judge of the universe, just as the Alexandria claims to be.

St.mark was succeded by Anianus as Bishop of Alexandria.
Pope Anianus was the 2nd patriach of Alexandria. Did st.Anianus call himself thirteenth of the Apostle and judge of the universe?

In fact Anianus was the one supposed to be Thirteenth of the Apostle But you here in AFRICA.

Anianus and st.mark they suffered in Alexandria for the sake of Christ's church than you.
If I may ask, have ever gone through hard situations in Africa like mark and Anianus?

Russia is to stay in AFRICA.
Africa is not Greek property.
Michael2/26/2022 2:33 am
Troy, whatever you are drinking must be good! Pass the jug around. Practically the Russians are laughing at Theodoros and now already have more priests in Africa than he does. And they will grow quickly. Anyone who cannot see the irony of Theodoros now being forced to drink the bitter drink he tried to serve to Metropolitan Onuphry is blind indeed.
Rdr Daniel2/25/2022 11:13 pm
@Troy: They are not layman (through arguably the so called Patriarch of Alexandria is having concelebrated with pseudo bishops who are in fact layman) as they are not part of the Patriarchate of Alexandria which has no right to try them. Further there can be no appeals to Constantinople as it is itself not in canonical order, the de-facto first see is Antioch until such a time as Constantinople repents. .
Alexander Leitner2/25/2022 10:47 pm
@Troy: To Patriarch Bartholomew? The Greek-American protestant CIA schismatic? And you are quoting Holy Canons! Irony?
Athanasius2/25/2022 9:11 pm
How is the irony lost on them? Unbelievable.
Theodoros2/25/2022 8:30 pm
What a joke Patriarch Theodore has become. Whatever pressures or deals were made which resulted in his abandoning his former stance on the schismatics has resulted in the destruction of his credibility and reputation. It is a shame. This is what blind loyalty to Patriarch Bartholomew results in.
Troy2/25/2022 8:09 pm
Maximov and Novikov are now laymen. If they believe they were misjudged, they may appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to review the case, per canon 9 of the fourth Ecumenical Council. :)
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