Constantinople enters into communion with Macedonian Church

Istanbul, May 9, 2022

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According to a statement from the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople today, the hierarchs resolved to enter into communion with the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC), which began as a schism from the Serbian Church in 1967 and has been out of communion with the entire Orthodox world ever since.

The decision comes just three days after it was publicly revealed that a Serbian delegation, including His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije, had recently held a productive meeting with a Macedonian delegation. According to His Grace Bishop Fotije of Zvornik and Tuzla, the MOC could return to canonical unity with the Serbian Church as early as the latter’s Council of Bishops this month, 20 years after the Niš Agreement failed to resolve the issue.

According to the new statement, Constantinople accepts the hierarchy, clergy, and laity of the MOC into communion under the name of “Ohrid,” thus “healing the wound of schism.” According to Constantinople, its canonical territory is limited to the state of North Macedonia, although the MOC has dioceses and hierarchs in North America, Europe, and Australia. The word “Macedonia” or any variation of it may not be used in the name of the Church.

According to the statement, it is now up to the Serbian Church to settle the administrative issues between it and the MOC. The MOC was recognized as an autonomous Church within the Serbian Church before it departed into schism.

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Vasily Martin 5/18/2022 10:26 am
Let's get an article going shall we about the SOC's restoration of full communion with the MOC, and also on what the other local churches have to stay about this.
Greg5/12/2022 6:41 pm
John,you an American convert? Cause you sound like a ridiculous ex evangelical.
Cat5/12/2022 12:49 pm
This is wonderful news, hopefully other Churches will welcome them as well. Let the past be dead and not interfere with what is right to do in the present.
Vladimir A. Ivanov5/11/2022 2:53 pm
LONG overdue. The Church of Ohrid should never have been suppressed in the first place.
Predrag Tosic5/11/2022 7:36 am
Marc Betts, Theodoros and Fr. Sava are spot on! The damage to the Orthodox unity and canonical order that this Patriarch of Constantinople has been causing and continues to cause is immense! A change of the church leadership in Constantinople is a must, but it has to be done the proper way.
John D5/11/2022 4:51 am
Nicholas Katamba, Christ is Risen. Unfortunately, you have been fed a "post-patristic" protestant-based catechesis, where Holy Tradition and the Holy Fathers have been abandoned, in favor of the "current" 'modern' renovated theology coming from the "Paris School" with the likes of Fathers - Bulkagov,[whom St. John [Maximovich] of Shang Hai and San Fransico knew personally while in Paris and called him a "heretic."] Schmemann, Meyendorff, Men, Bloom and the heavily influenced [scholastically and theologically] thus, a continuation of the “post- patristic theology” taught by the above:and their dubiously conceived St. Vladimir’s Seminary & OCA, with Hopko and Behr continuing this non-Patristic ideology.. [V. Losky and Fr. Georges Florovsky both left after their attempts to get the institute to “return to the Fathers” were rejected, repeatedly.] This is "tell-tale" in your reference to the "Coptic" being a part of Canonical Orthodoxy- which it hasn't been since the Fifth [5th] Century. Because of his heretical actions and words, his abandonment of Holy Tradition and the findings and decisions of the Ecumenical Councils, Pat. Bartholomew is, well, in a word: "defunct" in the Orthodox church. Sad, but true. Read the Holy and God-bearing Fathers. Read the Ecumenical Councils. Read the Fathers close to us in time -Saints Paisius Velichovsky, Theophan, the Recluse, Iganatii Brianchinonov, John of Kronstadt, Nectarios of Pentapolis, John of Shang Hai and San Francisco, Blessed Fr. Seraphim Rose, Blessed John Krestiankin .... Our salvation depends upon it. "May God give us wisdom." Doxa to Teo, John Truly He is Risen!
A Romanov5/11/2022 3:46 am
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” So let me ask you, WHO is promoting peace today and WHO is not?
Steve5/10/2022 2:22 pm
Another home run for the Ecumenical Patriarchate!
Nicholas katamba5/10/2022 12:31 pm
To me as atrue Orthodox Christian from Uganda it's a true moment or time for our church to be United not fighting for leadership,no difference that this a Greek, Coptic,Serbian or Russian Orthodox it must be stopped.this fighting do make our religious big in this me where I come from in Uganda Orthodox Christians ha the smallest percentage of fellowers yet our church has the biggest history of christ.than any religious berife in this world to me I'm trying to bring many outside youth to be converted to Orthodox with a single reward but just love of the church is the reason as to why I do that no one pays why don't we have one church?fights should be ceased and focus one way to God Regards Nicholas katamba Head of Orthodox Christian scouts uganda in East Africa
Mark Graham Betts5/10/2022 7:08 am
It sounds to me like the Ecumenical Patriarch engaging in MORE geopolitics as directed by the US State Department. This brings yet more shame on Orthodoxy. Who's Church is it? Christ's or the United States'?
Theodoros 5/10/2022 2:56 am
Patriarch Bartholomew has no business in the affairs of any other local Church. The Turkish Pope must be deposed along with his Minister of propaganda Elpidophoros. A Church Council must be held to depose them.
Fr. Sava5/10/2022 1:39 am
This is the recognition of Tito’s Communist Yugoslavia’s government construct to break the back of the SPC using ethnic divisions as something that is legitimate. Once it was formed it was in schism. It has never negotiated with SPC to solve the issue. They have signed agreements and then not followed through. Yet more meddling of Constantinople in the affairs outside of their own house. Another sad day for Orthodoxy
Fei-yu(Mainland China)5/9/2022 7:52 pm
I just can't believe that it is the news of 2022!!! The Church is going backwards! War, Covid-19, plague and evil are everywhere! What a suffering Church! I have nothing to say about that Constantinople heresy, but may our Lord have mercy on our Canonical Orthodox Church.
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