Monument to St. Alexander Nevsky demolished in Kharkov (+VIDEO)

Kharkov, Ukraine, May 19, 2022
Updated 5/19, 5:15 PM

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The dismantling of monuments connected with Russia and the USSR continues in Ukraine.

A monument to St. Alexander Nevsky was pulled down in the Saltova District of Kharkov today. A video published by the Ukrainian outlet Strana shows the monument being pulled down by a rope tied around the saint’s neck and connected to a truck.

Archpriest Peter Kozachkov, rector of the nearby St. Alexander Nevsky church, told the Union of Orthodox Journalists how they managed to pull the statue down: “From the very early morning, 30 minutes after the curfew, men armed with machine guns arrived by car, put soldiers so no one could get near, and very quickly, in just a few minutes, pulled the monument down. No one had any time to do anything to protect the monument.”

The monument was erected at the priest’s initiative in honor of the city’s 350th anniversary in 2004.

According to parishioners, the park used to be a dirty place, but once the monument was erected, the square was transformed and became a popular place for locals.

St. Alexander was Prince of Novgorod (1236–40, 1241–56 and 1258–1259), Grand Prince of Kiev (1236–52), and Grand Prince of Vladimir (1252–63). He is known for a number of military victories that played a significant role in Rus’ history. He ended his days as a monk with the name Alexei.

Updated with information from the local priest and parishioners

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Patricia 5/22/2022 8:11 am
What a great shame. It is like brother against brother. The only TRUE GOD wants us to love each other. Worldly possessions are like wool to a hungry moth. I am greatly saddened by the destruction of people, property, heritage. We all have a different past but our future will be one in HEAVEN. Praise the God of Creation, the GOD that honors all nations.
Nikita Lary 5/21/2022 9:12 pm
Panagiotis5/20/2022 3:53 am
This is truly sad that this has been done. Saint Alexander Nevsky was a Saint of ALL the Orthodox People. The Orthodox Monarchies and Orthodox Nobility were the Guardians of the Orthodox People, the Orthodox Faith, and the Orthodox Nations. There is no reason to destroy or attack Statues of Orthodox Saints, or Orthodox Churches, absolutely no reason for this. I read an article elsewhere that a Statue of Saint Metropolitan Ignatius of Mariupol was allegedly destroyed by Russian forces. If this is true, then this is also not good, and there is also no reason for this. This nonsense should stop, no matter who is doing this...... As far as statues of the monster communists, Orthodox people in all countries should ask their respective governments to remove all statues and all monuments of these evil communists, who tried to destroy our people and faith. We owe this to the tens of millions of our people, who were slaughtered by these no good demonic communist animals who came straight out of the pits of hell! Let us stop fighting each other, and stop the harsh rhetoric and politics from all sides..... .. Our enemies are smiling. When are our people going to wake up?...... Just my humble opinion.
Rdr Daniel5/19/2022 8:09 pm
“The dismantling of monuments connected with Russia and the USSR continues in Ukraine.“ The former is a bad thing it as it is an attack on the common history and what should be a brotherly bond. The Later though, Glory to God! The soviet Union was demonic and the Russian nostalgia for it has damaged Russia and its relations with its neighbours greatly. It penetration into the church has turned away the youth and brought the wrath of God upon the Russian people which is and will suffer at the hands of the western apostates. Russia needs to repent of this, to see the USSR as the evil it was and return to the old Russia. but to realise that there were problems even in the Russian empire (abolishment of Patriachy to give the state control of the Church, westernisation of practices and liturgical art and music, serfdom, enforcement of Church slavonic and Russian culture on non Russian Christians) and that there a new problems today (abortion, cynicism, corruption) and to repent of these also. Only then van there be such a thing as Holy Rus.
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